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Teenager killed in ATV accident

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ATV Graphic SkidA Livingston High School student was killed in an ATV accident Saturday afternoon just off Highway 146.

Livingston Police were dispatched to the end of Ponderosa Lane around 3 p.m. in reference to the accident.

Upon arrival, they located a witness at the scene who informed them of a 15-year-old from Livingston pinned under the ATV. According to police reports, the witness said the teenager was operating a Can-Am Maverick in an open field at the end of Ponderosa and lost control, causing it to flip onto its side. 

A release from Livingston ISD informed those in the district of the tragedy. 

“The Livingston Independent School District family is greatly saddened to hear of the loss of LHS student, Hunter Lathum who passed away this weekend in an ATV accident.

“We extend our heartfelt condolences to Hunter’s family. Our thoughts, prayers, and support are with them.”

Justice of the Peace Sarah Rasberry was summoned to the scene to perform an inquest and the case remains under investigation.

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Cabin fire at Broken Arrow Marina

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Cabin Fire Arena 01

From Enterprise Staff

A four-alarm fire at Broken Arrow Lodge and Marina destroyed four cabins Saturday morning around 12:30 a.m.

Cabin Fire Arena 02jpgGroups of students were lodging at Broken Arrow for a high school bass tournament. 

“Apparently, they weren’t chaperoned,” Broken Arrow owner Connie Griffin said of the students in the room where the fire originated. “Apparently, when it happened, the kids tried to put it out and they couldn’t. So, they moved all their stuff out of the rooms and they moved all their vehicles, and then they contacted me. So, it had been going. We probably could have saved two (cabins), but we lost all four. I am sure they were panicked.”

The cabins were in a fourplex and fully furnished, according to Griffin. She said they were engulfed in flames by the time she was notified. The cabins were each approximately 400-500 square feet. 

Griffin is waiting on the fire marshal’s report for cause of the blaze. There are still four large brick cabins across the property, but half of Griffin’s income was lost in the fire.

She believes all four to be a complete loss and has plans to rebuild. Broken Arrow is now in its 50th year of existence. 

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Goodrich plans Christmas activities

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By Brian Besch
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Goodrich City Council planned their annual Christmas event, decided on a mowing contract and discussed renovations to city hall in Thursday’s regular meeting for November.

Goodrich has already received requests for a booth at the annual Christmas celebration. The City of Goodrich Market Day and Christmas Parade will be held on the first Saturday of December, just as in the past. This year, that date falls on Dec. 4. 

Booths with electricity will see a slight increase to $35. Plenty of food, fun and a parade will be among the high-lights for the Christmas festival.

Before that day, the City will hold a ceremonial Christmas tree lighting. It will be the first time for the event and will honor former council member Marlene Arnold. The tree lighting will occur Sunday, Nov. 21, which coincides with Arnold’s birthday. All are welcomed to attend. 

The city’s mowing contract was put back out for bid with a need for someone who is insured. Council accepted the bid of Lonnie Lewis to continue mowing in Goodrich as he has for the past few decades.

The city fire marshal has recommended an emergency exit door for city hall. Estimates for the door have come in at over $2,000. Council will look into obtaining more bids before making a final decision.

Davis, Heinemann & Co. delivered information and estimates on potentially becoming the city accountants. However, with a conflict of interest, the City will look elsewhere for an accountant. Davis, Heineman and Co. are currently the city’s auditors.

Though they didn’t receive the same turnout as in 2020, council considered the recent Halloween event a suc-cess. A total of 110 came by city hall to receive candy and treats Oct. 30. 

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Bomb threat at Onalaska school

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Bomb Threat 1000

Students and faculty at Onalaska ISD evacuated the school building Wednesday morning after the school received a bomb threat.

No evidence of any sort of explosives were discovered on campus after a thorough search.

“Everything went fine,” Onalaska Superintendent Anthony Roberts said. “We received an anonymous tip and we followed up on it. The only department we called in was the Onalaska Police Department and they
responded right away. We cleared the school and we had an explosives K-9 unit that also swept the school in addition to the Onalaska Police Department.”

The K-9 unit was transported in from the Montgomery County Fire Marshal’s Office.

“It is one of those difficult ones, because you are always going to respond on the side of caution, no matter how sketchy you think the report might be,” Roberts said. “You hope that it turns out to be a false report.”

Further investigation on who placed the threat will continue.

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Outstanding tree farmer named

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The 2022 Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year Award was presented to the Thomas family during the Texas Forestry Association’s annual meeting held October 19-21 in Nacogdoches. (l-r) Neil Thomas, Candy Thomas, Claud Thomas, Cynthia Thomas and Russell Thomas. Courtesy photoThe 2022 Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year Award was presented to the Thomas family during the Texas Forestry Association’s annual meeting held October 19-21 in Nacogdoches. (l-r) Neil Thomas, Candy Thomas, Claud Thomas, Cynthia Thomas and Russell Thomas. Courtesy photo

From Enterprise Staff

The Texas Forestry Association (TFA) presented Claud Thomas, owner of Thomas Timber Investments of Polk County, with the 2022 TFA Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year Award during its annual meeting held last month in Nacogdoches.

“The Thomas family is constantly promoting good forest management and forest health with discussions and phone calls to neighbors,” TFA Executive Director Rob Hughes said. “If you were to visit Claud or stop by Thomas Supply in Livingston, I’m sure Russell, Neil or Ryan Thomas would each ably talk to you about good forest management.”

Thomas Timber Investments is a 1,791-acre tree farm located west of Livingston and has been in the family since 2002. The tree farm was certified in 2019 and is managed for timber growth and profit, recreational use and wildlife habitat.

In the past five years, first and second thinning in pine plantations, hardwood thinning and final harvest have all taken place producing pine and hardwood pulpwood and logs. Pine plantations were replanted as was 50 acres lost in a wildfire. Prescribed burning is conducted almost yearly for forest protection and timber stand improvement. Herbaceous understory treatments are also being implemented.

“Mr. Claud is always open to new concepts and ideas and eager to implement practices that will improve the property, the timber and wildlife habitat. We appreciate working with them,” Wayne Pfluger of Lone Star Forestry, their forester, wrote in the nomination. “Claud Thomas and his family are good stewards of their land. They spend a lot of time together on the tree farm and nurture the next generation who will love and appreciate it as much as they do.”

TFA, the voice for forestry for over 100 years, promotes an economic, social and political climate that will advance forestry in Texas through education, political action and public relations, as well as serving the broad needs of the forest resource of landowners, producers and consumers and to enhance and perpetuate the Texas forest resource.

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