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Winning Veterans Day essay: ‘Thank you for your service’

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Editor’s Note: The following essay was written by Woodville High School student Alyssa Johanson. Alyssa won the school’s Veterans Day Essay Contest.

It is our honor to present Alyssa’s winning essay, which shares the ideal of what it means to be truly thankful for the sacrifice in service from our military veterans.

ThankYouVets StockBy Alyssa Johanson

“Thank you for your service” is five words, and twenty-two letters, with a hundred different meanings.

I am thankful for veterans’ service because many chose to leave their families to protect our country. Veterans who served did so by choice. It takes a lot for someone to leave their country and their family to protect us. None of them knew if they would ever see their families again. Thanks, is not enough for those who chose to leave their families to serve us.

Another reason I am thankful for veterans is that they risked their lives for all the people of the United States. There are many reasons people decide to serve, but no matter what they protect the entire country in time of war and peace. The area of the United States is almost four million miles, with nearly three hundred- thirty million people on it! Thank you for protecting all of it. Veterans served for all of it not just a portion.

My life benefits from veterans’ service by giving me role models. Many things make up a good role model, just a few; being kindness, selflessness, and an honorable character. Veterans show all these qualities through their service. There are numerous reasons to look up to veterans whether you want to serve or not. I know veterans are not all the same, but many exhibit the same great traits.

Veterans service benefits my life by educating people. One of my favorite things veterans do is advocate for the armed forces and share their stories. It benefits me as a person because it reminds me to be thankful for my freedom. Often times I forget that someone somewhere fought so that I can wake up every morning and go to school.

In conclusion, many reasons illustrate why I am thankful for veterans’ service. “Thank you for your service” those five little words will never be able to express how thankful I am for veterans!

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