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Luke (rt) and his good friend Larry Weishuhn are both in their mid seventies and still enjoying the great outdoors, maybe more now than ever! Photo by Luke Clayton
April 16, 2024


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Luke (rt) and his good friend Larry Weishuhn are both in their mid seventies and still enjoying the great outdoors, maybe more now than ever! Photo by Luke ClaytonThere was a time back when I was in my twenties and thirties that I thought I would be hanging…
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April 13, 2024

Close-to-home fun

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As an outdoors writer for the past 39 years, I’ve become accustomed to “gallavanting” around the country fishing, hunting and collecting material for my articles. Lately though, I’ve been sticking pretty close to home. Kenneth Shephard with a good “eater…

An “open letter” to the SJC community and beyond

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GregCapersSheriffHello members of the San Jacinto County community I’m Greg Capers, and as many of you may know I am your elected sheriff where I have had the pleasure of serving you since my initial election to this office in 2014.

As a community service I have teamed up with the San Jacinto News-Times to provide you with information regarding your safety and the safety of your family and friends. The information I will be providing will seek to draw your attention to the evildoers among us that when given the opportunity will cause you and your loved ones much hardship.

Now that we are in the holiday season, it’s even more important that you remain ever vigilant when outside your home.

Due to the amount of information I will be providing to you over the coming weeks and months ahead, I will be presenting the material in segments.

Measures to increase personal safety

•Reduce or eliminate opportunities that may make you a target.

•Increase awareness in places where are you are most comfortable.

•Prepare your daily activity with safety in mind.

•Be always aware of your surroundings and trust your instincts.

•When traveling try to stay with a group. There’s always safety in numbers.

•Walk with your head upright. Makes eye contact. Thieves often target victims, who are not paying attention to their surroundings or who are looking down.

•Pay attention to your surroundings when using electronics on the street or when in public.

•Avoid traveling in unfamiliar areas at night whenever possible.

•When traveling in a vehicle, always pay attention to who might be following you. Don’t be fooled when you think the car following you is late model expensive vehicle and therefore not likely to cause you any harm. Thieves often use this technique to trick you into thinking they’re harmless.

•If you suspect you are being targeted, do not pull into your driveway, continue driving while dialing 911 immediately for assistance.

•When arriving at home and before exiting your vehicle, look around your vehicle from within with your doors locked.

•When refueling your vehicle lock your doors. You could become a victim of a carjacking. This is especially important for those who might have a little one in the vehicle!

•If you observe anyone acting in a suspicious manner, or if you feel threatened in anyway call 911 immediately.

•If you witness or suspect that some other person is becoming a victim, call 911 immediately.

•Do not under any circumstances attempt to access funds from an ATM machine in an unlit or poorly lit area. Find an area, where you are less likely to become a victim of a crime.

As mentioned previously, this is the first in a series of measures that I will be presenting in an all-out attempt to keep you and your loved ones safe.

It’s my hope that you find the information I will be providing helpful, and I look forward to sharing my experiences and the experiences of my senior law enforcement professionals with the community of San Jacinto County and beyond.

Greg Capers is Sheriff of San Jacinto County.

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