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The two worlds of America

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FromEditorsDesk Tony CroppedBy Tony Farkas

I’ve tried at least four times to read “A Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens.

Originally, I wanted to become a bit snobbish by being able to spout lines from the classics.

I soon found, though, that the classics weren’t my cup of tea, and I felt, somewhere in my tiny lizard brain, that I didn’t fit in with a certain crowd.

What I found was that a couple of pages of comparisons wasn’t worth slogging through, but it does aptly describe what I was thinking then, and what our country is going through now.

Anyone paying attention to the social structure of our country will see that there are two camps, and neither want to be part of the other. What we’re also seeing, though, is that there also are two tiers of people — those in favor and those not.

Take, for instance, the different ways that the criminal investigations are being handled between the son of the current president and former president Donald Trump.

In the case of the former, there has been mounting evidence that has been available for years of — we’ll be careful and say alleged — drug use, security issues and influence peddling. There’s even a laptop, and access to a witness who offers credible evidence.

For the latter, Democratic operatives, at the behest of Hilary Clinton, created a document that accused Trump of everything including inventing cancer of the puppy, none of which was true, but nevertheless used to harass the man.

Trump has been impeached twice for the thinnest of implied malfeasance, but in the case of President Biden, there exists and institutional blindness and apathy toward any type of investigation.

Consider this: Trump has been indicted by special counsel for mishandling government documents following a raid on his home in Florida. However, documents from Biden have been found in three different locations, with not even a blink from the FBI or Secret Service.

Further, now that a judge tossed a plea deal for Hunter Biden, the attorney who had negotiated the deal, which would have granted immunity on any other charge that could crop up, has been named as a special counsel that will investigate the alleged business dealings that may or may not have included the president.

While these are egregious, they are not the only examples: people are being investigated for not paying their taxes, but tax cheats like Al Sharpton are still given a pass — there’s nothing I’ve seen or heard saying he’s paid back the $10 million in back taxes he owes, much less been prosecuted for the lapse.

So, this is the best of times for the liberal elite, but the worst of times for anyone not considered part of that clique. Those with the wisdom to embrace the dichotomy win, while the rest of us descend into foolishness for believing that the system isn’t rigged.

I look on with incredulity that half the country believes that the country is even remotely fair.

There’s even more incredulity to go around, since even in the smallest way, light is being shined on the disparity, yet so many want to remain in darkness because it seems better to go along to get along.

To be fair, all laws and programs must be available to all, and all breaches of law must be treated equally as fair, without any special dispensation for any race, class or creed, or all of it is meaningless.

We can weather the winter of despair and enger the spring of hope.

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    curt · 7 months ago
    this is half truths and some lies. the justification is stupid this article is stupid what a waste of time to write it and read it.