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Obituary for a falling (fallen?) nation United States of America July 4, 1776 - June 8, 2023


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FromEditorsDesk Tony CroppedBy Tony Farkas
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Memorial services for the United States of America, 247, will not be held, as there’s no one left who actually supported the former nation.

There are no survivors, as the nation has degenerated into an oligarchy.

To plant a tree in memory, move to Canada.

The lead-in of this column might seem like over-the-top hyperbole, but I really feel that recent developments — particularly the 1,739th indictment of Donald Trump — has cemented the national law enforcement groups, including FBI, federal judges and the other alphabet organizations, as shock troops for the administration.

The cynical among you might think that indicting Trump on 37 charges, including illegal retention of classified material, conspiracy, and obstruction of justice, is warranted; that the possibility of 400 years in prison is only “justice,” or that the “special” prosecutor is only following the rule of law.

Normally, I feel that letting legal matters play out to get to the heart of things is the best practice. I still will wait to see what the outcome of this is before discussing Trump’s action. However, the rule of law I referred to is what the problem is here, and that any nation, including its leaders, that uses law to suppress honest discourse, to keep any opposition at bay, to affect public opinion especially in election cycles, is a nation that cares very little about equality and only cares about power.

A nation without laws is no nation, as you cannot govern anarchy. A nation that uses laws like clubs, beating down its people, is a dictatorship. A nation that controls its people through law under the guise of enforcement is an oligarchy, a nation ruled for the benefit of a small group.

For the unaware, there have been numerous examples over the last few years — heck, even decades — of the very same thing happening in other administrations and to other prominent politicians.

Hillary Clinton, for example, probably is the most egregious example of mishandling of important documents, having on at least two occasions used private, non-government-controlled email servers, the most notorious one being housed in a basement in her home. The Blackberry device she used for those emails was lost. All of this led to nothing.

President Joe Biden had boxes of classified documents at his home in Delaware, at a museum and in Chinatown, D.C. While a special prosecutor has been appointed to investigate this, there’s only been one witness called, and no grand jury has been empaneled. Even other events — accusations of bribery, for instance — are merely headlines, meaning nothing has been done there.

More examples of such things can be cited, but the upshot will be that because Trump embarrassed the elite, because he has the temerity to be Republican and conservative, because he will make a run for the presidency, he was and is the target of “law enforcement.” The other people — Biden, Clinton, Swalwell, Schiff, et al — are ignored and even praised for their dedication to the country.

For a party to claim it seeks equality in all things to turn around and attack anyone that disagrees means the republic our Founding Fathers fought for is gone, replaced by howler monkeys screaming for freedom while denying it to others.

So in the words of the M*A*S*H camp announcer, we’ll be mourning all afternoon and evening, hoping against hope that the pendulum swings back toward fair and equal justice under the law, and like Lazarus, our country will once again stand tall.

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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Dwight55 · 3 months ago
    Reading the "end times" in the Bible . . . the USA is not there . . . OR is not able to be a part of the goings on because it has been harmed or out of breath.  Israel and the rag heads need to finish up the whole thinng.  Maybe this is how we get removed from partaking.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Robert · 3 months ago
    Brother, things ain't always fair. Sometimes the wrongly accused get the chair. Sometimes killers walk free. Most times, a good lawyer can make either happen for enough money.

    You wasn't born yesterday, and this ain't news to you. So why you tryin so hard to make it news now?