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Another face in the race

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Horace McQueen ColumnBy Horace McQueen

The former mayor of Chester, Texas has entered the race for President of the United States. From reading the information supplied by Floyd Petri when he registered as a presidential candidate, his political platform makes sense—though he certainly knows his will be a losing deal. But at least maybe he can add some common sense to the campaign.

Nestled in Tyler County not far from Corrigan and Livingston, Chester is home to 261 citizens. While mayor he said Chester became the first city in Texas to become a Second Amendment Sanctuary City. Prior to his political role in Chester, Petri said he had a lifelong career in the military and law enforcement. His military service stands in contrast to that of Biden, Trump and most of the other consummate politicians who never wore the uniform. And Mr. Petri can tell his kinfolks in later years that he ran for President!

Last week I wrote about a gigantic solar project that is being negotiated in the Latexo School District. Some folks liked the idea—while some turned thumbs down. If it does become a reality, it would be built on close to 1,000 acres on FM 2022 just north of Crockett. That acreage is a part of the Stalwart Ranch--Attebury Division. Solar farms, regardless of size, have to plan for controlling grass and weeds under the panels. That necessity could well be a boon for a sheep operation. Some brilliant minds suggested goats could roam under the panels. This plan went down the tube when they learned goats would climb atop the panels and also chew on all the wiring underneath. Some solar farms are “renting” sheep along with herders to keep the grass and weeds short. This is already being done in some areas of Texas.

Wood pellets are the number one forest-export product for the U.S. Demand for our pellets comes from the United Kingdom and European Union nations. What was a small industry ten years ago has grown to a $1.5 billion export market from the southern states. And the overseas pellet markets are getting bigger and more profitable for U.S. pellet producers. Until the blowup in Ukraine, that nation along with Russia and Belarus controlled the market in Europe.

Now all eyes are focused on making more pellets from our timber. Let this market grow and hopefully our timber producers will benefit!  That’s –30—This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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