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State of the Union a fallacy

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Pete Sessionsby U.S. Rep. Pete Sessions

This week, President Biden delivered his State of the Union address to Congress and the American people. Just as you may suspect, his speech was riddled with lies aimed at covering for his ineffectiveness and malpractice.

Biden claimed our southern border is secure, but the truth is his ineptitude has created the most porous border in our nation’s history. Since the President took office, there have been over 4.5 million illegal crossings at our southern border. In fact, this past December was the worst single month in Customs and Border Patrol history, with over 200,000 encounters.

Towns across Texas are amongst the hardest hit by our many crises caused by Joe Biden’s lack of care. Mass illegal immigration, intensified cartel aggression, and massive amounts of trafficked fentanyl are ravaging our local cities. Every American deserves to feel safe in their community.

President Biden also attempted to tell the public America’s economy is strong during this State of the Union address. Reality couldn’t be further from the truth. Our nation’s rate of Inflation is still riding high at 6.5 percent compared to 1.4 percent when Joe Biden took office.

During his speech, he took no blame for our nation’s inflation crisis, despite clear indications that inflation has skyrocketed due to his far-left agenda and $3.5 trillion of out-of-control Democrat-led spending. His party’s policies are a leading contributor to 21 straight months of contraction for wages, and average hourly earnings have decreased 1.7 percent over the last year.

If Inflation continues to outpace wage growth, it will lead to an economic stagnation.

My Republican colleagues and I are working to course correct and avert the disastrous consequences of two years under Democrat single-party rule. President Biden’s State of the Union Address has only made it harder to bridge Congress’ political divide and provide solutions for the American people’s immediate crises.

I will continue to work in Washington with others who wish to deliver on the needs of Americans.

Combating China

Even now, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) continues to bombard the United States by means of unconventional warfare. Recently, our brave men and women in the armed forces shot down another unidentified object that matches the CCP surveillance balloon taken down off the coast of South Carolina last week.

China is not an ally or a strategic partner. They are our competitor and pose the single greatest threat to America’s global standing.

This week my colleagues and I in the House Financial Services Committee held our first hearing, “Combating the Economic Threat from China,” to assess the CCP’s attempts to steal intellectual property, labor, and tariff goods to undermine America.

Committee Republicans are unified and understand we must outcompete China on the global stage by reinforcing American values, rather than undermining them. The economic strength and vibrancy produced by our system of free market capitalism directly fuels America’s military strength and cultural power.

China clearly has a plan to disrupt American commerce and global influence. Rather than take each threat from China individually, we need a comprehensive mindset and agenda when dealing with their unified and highly organized effort to undermine us. To do so, our country needs broad agreement on our economic policies.

We should ensure the United States’ defensively and offensively policies and practices to combat the CCP have greater longevity than a single President’s administration. My colleagues and I will continue to hold hearings and develop solutions aimed at combating the Chinese Communist Party.

Social Media Accountability

In the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, we delivered on our promise to get to the bottom of the Hunter Biden Laptop story and social media’s clear bias.

Twitter got caught, not because mistakes were made but because a single individual held his commitment to our nation’s free speech principles. It is no secret that Twitter has downgraded the reach of individuals based on political viewpoints.

If not for Elon Musk, they would still be unfairly censoring and shadow-banning.

During our hearing, Democrats attempted to disrupt and impede our clear and deliberate questions to witnesses. Rather than join us in thoroughly addressing Republicans’ concerns, they resorted to a prolonged battle.

Now that the hearing has concluded, it seems clear that Twitter was not only censoring political viewpoints but doing so at the behest of the Executive branch and the FBI, who hold alternative motives. Any attempts to do so are a clear violation of the First Amendment. Congress must quickly quash bad-faith actors.

Pete Sessions represents District 32, which includes Trinity County, in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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    Carolyn Nixon · 1 years ago
    Is this an opinion essay? Because there are a lot of questions as to the  information given as factual.  If opinion I have no complaints about it.