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Not sure about sovereign safety anymore

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FromEditorsDesk Tony Croppedby Tony Farkas

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Sunday marked 21 years since the attack on New York City and The Pentagon by Osama bin Laden and his al Qaeda terrorists.

As with most things in this life, this world, I feel that complacency has taken over, and society has forgotten the attacks and the implications of that.

More to the point, it seems that instead of investing in our country’s safety, we’re instead investing in the safety of other countries, and this at the expense of our own safety, and our own people.

The recent decision to send a little over $2 billion in U.S. tax dollars to the Ukraine to aid in their war effort is pretty astonishing, considering that there’s so much that needs attention at home. Overall, we’ve spent $12.9 billion this year, with President Biden gearing up to ask Congress to double that amount.

I say we since us hapless taxpayers are the ones footing the bills, among others (there’s been $25,000 spent to teach Samoans how to use their cell phones to find out how “climate change” affects them), and we get very little input into how the checks are written.

I’m not so much concerned about the spending in this missive, although that is a massive problem that is going to cause incredible amounts of trouble in the future. I am concerned that the safety of this country, one of the chief responsibilities of our government, is being paid lip service, and instead our government is using funds for other country’s safety while at the same time demonizing essentially half of its own people.

Last week, I lamented the fact that anyone identified as a MAGA Republican (which as far as liberals are concerned, that’s anyone who is remotely thought of as conservative) was deemed an enemy of the state. Biden later doubled down on that, saying anyone that needed to fight government needed and F-15 instead of a gun.

There are calls within the administration that defense spending is entirely too high and should be cut in favor of climate change policies and infrastructure needs (neither of which is in the government’s purview). 

We should just look around the world though, and see that we’re not really ready for the mess that is, what with wars growing in Europe and Asia (the disagreements between Taiwan and China are sure to continue to grow). 

Federal policy has turned our borders into sieves, blocking nothing (Gov. Abbott’s busing orders is just moving people through the country faster); more than 50 terrorists on the country’s watch list have been found by authorities coming through the border into Texas, and who knows how many have been missed.

For so long, the government has directed funds to numerous and unnecessary special projects, foreign aid, ridiculous experimentation and any number of failed ideas. For so long, this has been done at the expense of the real needs of the country, and essentially, the Constitution.

The money U.S. taxpayers spend first and foremost need to be spent on the needs of the U.S., and the chief need is our safety. Let’s look to home, first.

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