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updated 4:02 PM, Jun 10, 2021 America/Chicago

2021 Houston County Youth Livestock Show results

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Grand Champion Market SteerGrand Champion Market Steer

By Alton Porter

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The Houston County Fair & Youth Livestock Show and Home & Garden Fair returned and was held in its entirety in Crockett March 29 through April 3 after most of it had to be cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic last year.

The fair and livestock show was dedicated in the memory of the late Jennifer Hodges Bond and the late Kimberly Smith Langford, both former fair association members who passed recently.

Here are lists of the exhibitors in the various livestock show categories and the results of the competition in each category.


Market Steers

Sydnee Craven, Latexo 4-H, Grand Champion; Kyra Noble, Latexo FFA, Reserve Champion; Laney Smith, Kennard 4-H, 3rd and Jr. Showmanship; Coy Smith, Kennard 4-H, 4th; Korinne Sparks, Grapeland FFA, 5th; Olyvia Gilmore, Kennard FFA, 6th; Cleavie Allen, Latexo 4-H, 7th; Addison Dowdy, Kennard FFA, 8th; Kailen Martin, Kennard FFA, 9th; Morgan Noble, Latexo FFA, 10th; Codee Biedrzycki, Lovelady FFA, 11th; Katherine Allen, Latexo 4-H, 12th; Michael Curry, Kennard FFA, 13th and Sr. Showmanship; Lyndsey Keys, Latexo FFA, 14th; Kamryn Sparks, Grapeland FFA, 15th; Karsyn Sallee, Lovelady 4-H, 16th; Brody McMillan, Lovelady 4-H, 17th; Landon Kent, Homestead 4-H, 18th; Billy McMillan, Lovelady 4-H, 19th; Ethan LeBlanc, Kennard 4-H, 20th; Kamillia LeBlanc, Kennard 4-H, 21st.


Latexo High School FFA students were winners of the Grand Champion of Ag Mechanics award for a cattle trailer and first place award for a 16-foot bumper trailer, both shown above, that they built and…


Meredith Tuggle, a Crockett High School junior and member of Crockett FFA, won the Best of Show Crafts Senior Division award for her quilt entry in the Houston County Fair & Youth Livestock Show and…


Meredith Tuggle, a Crockett High School junior and member of Crockett FFA, won the Best of Show Crafts Senior Division award for her quilt entry in the Houston County Fair & Youth Livestock Show and…


Sergeant Investigator Mike P. Molnes, pictured above, won the Best of Show award for the photo he entered in the photography professional competition at the Houston County Fair & Youth Livestock Show…


Cleavie Allen, left, and her in-county heifer won the Grand Champion In-County Heifer award in the in-county heifer show competition at the Houston County Fair & Youth Livestock Show in Crockett…


Noah Hoch, left, exhibited the steer that won the Grand Champion award in the market steer competition for owner Sydnee Craven, not pictured, at the Houston County Fair & Youth Livestock Show and…

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Market Steers Breeding

Laney Smith, Kennard 4-H, Grand Champion American Division; Olyvia Gilmore, Kennard FFA, Reserve Champion American Division; Sydnee Craven, Latexo 4-H, Grand Champion Exotic Division; Kyra Noble, Latexo FFA, Reserve Champion Exotic Division.

In-County Heifers

Cleavie Allen, Latexo 4-H, Grand Champion American Division; Michael Curry, Kennard FFA, Reserve Champion American Division and Sr. Showmanship; Kaylin Parrish, Kennard FFA, Grand Champion British/Exotic Division. Other American Division exhibitors were Laney Smith, Kennard 4-H; Addison Dowdy, Kennard FFA, Jr. Showmanship; Katherine Allen, Latexo 4-H; Peyton Mooneyham, Kennard FFA; Haley Phillips, Homestead 4-H; Kortney Vandick, Kennard FFA; Preston Mooneyham, Kennard FFA; Caylee Morris, Latexo 4-H.

Replacement Heifers

Gaige Womack, Kennard 4-H, Grand Champion; Sydnee Craven, Latexo 4-H, Reserve Champion; Rylan Baker, Lovelady 4-H, 3rd and Jr. Showmanship; Cameron Bridges, Grapeland FFA, 4th  and Record Book Winner; Ejay Baker, Lovelady 4-H, 5th; Melanie Bridges, Grapeland FFA, 6th and Record Book Winner; Ella Baker, Lovelady 4-H, 7th; Michael Curry, Kennard FFA, 8th and Sr. Showmanship; Paisley Glawson, Lovelady 4-H, 9th; Rowdy Glawson, Lovelady 4-H, 10th; Tori Woodford, Grapeland FFA, 11th.

Market Hogs

Karter McCurley, Grapeland FFA, Grand Champion; Colton Patrick, Lovelady 4-H, Reserve Champion; Ethan Blake Patrick, Lovelady FFA, 3rd; Hunter Allen, Latexo FFA, 4th; Cord Carney, Lovelady 4-H, 5th; Kiera DeCluette, Grapeland FFA, 6th; Skylor Pipkin, Lovelady FFA, 7th; Brayden Stafford, Grapeland FFA, 8th; Jason DeCluette, Grapeland FFA, 9th; Colt Pennington, Latexo 4-H, 10th; Katy Allen, Latexo FFA, 11th; Carter Tucker, Homestead 4-H, 12th; Kenzie McWhinney, Lovelady 4-H, 13th and Jr. Showmanship; Caleigh Lovett, Grapeland FFA, 14th; Aubrey Waits, Homestead 4-H, 15th; Addison Carney, Lovelady 4-H, 16th; Noah Hoch, Latexo FFA, 17th and Sr. Showmanship; Kynnedy Sallee, Lovelady FFA, 18th; Maggie Gibbins, Latexo FFA, 19th; Collin Lovett, Grapeland FFA, 20th; Clark Spoerle, Lovelady 4-H, 21st; Preston Mooneyham, Kennard FFA, 22nd; Harlie Hoch, Latexo FFA, 23rd. Other market hog exhibitors were Curt Tucker, Homestead 4-H; Brennyn Stafford, Grapeland FFA; Shyanne Pipkin, Lovelady FFA; Peyton Mooneyham, Kennard FFA; Ayvery Sallee, Lovelady FFA; Kannon McWhinney, Lovelady FFA; Karsyn Sallee, Lovelady 4-H; Wacey Moore Jr., Lovelady FFA.

Breeding Swine

Karter McCurley, Grapeland FFA, Grand Champion; Cord Carney, Lovelady 4-H, Reserve Champion. Other breeding swine competitors were Aubrey Waits, Homestead 4-H; Harlie Hoch, Latexo FFA; Kenzie McWhinney, Lovelady 4-H; Maggie Gibbins, Latexo FFA; Wacey Moore Jr., Lovelady FFA.

Market Lambs

Riley Beaver, Homestead 4-H, Grand Champion and Sr. Showmanship; Trinity Meadows, Homestead 4-H, Reserve Champion; Haley Phillips, Homestead 4-H, 3rd; Landry Beaver, Homestead 4-H, 4th and Jr. Showmanship; Ella Post, Grapeland FFA, 5th; Haley Boehm, Grapeland FFA, 6th; Walker Webb, Grapeland FFA, 7th; Paige Mullen, Grapeland FFA, 8th; William Brooks, Lovelady 4-H, 9th; Dalli Jones, Grapeland FFA, 10th; Zachary Jones, Grapeland FFA, 11th; Dominika Gibas, Crockett FFA, 12th; Makenna McCombs, Grapeland FFA, 13th; Makayla McCombs, Grapeland FFA, 14th.

Market Goats

Ava Burch, Lovelady 4-H, Grand Champion; Kaylin Parrish, Kennard FFA, Reserve Champion; Trinity Meadows, Crockett FFA, 3rd and Sr. Showmanship; Riley Beaver, Homestead 4-H, 4th; Ella Post, Grapeland FFA, 5th; Landry Beaver, Homestead 4-H, 6th and Jr. Showmanship; Callie Lee, Latexo FFA, 7th; Jillian Salmon, Homestead 4-H, 8th; Madisyn Burleson, Lovelady 4-H, 9th; Haley Davidson, Lovelady FFA, 10th; Alexandrea Dawsey, Lovelady FFA, 11th; Sawyer Beard, Kennard 4-H, 12th; Austin Lee, Homestead 4-H, 13th; Haley Hickman, Kennard 4-H, 14th; Alex Grier, Homestead 4-H, 15th; Karly Harrelson, Lovelady 4-H, 16th; Wyatt Harrelson, Lovelady 4-H, 17th; Gracie Conner, Grapeland FFA, 18th; Haylee Jones, Grapeland FFA, 19th; Cooper Dowling, Grapeland FFA, 20th.

Fryer Rabbits

Hanna Huffstuttler, Homestead 4-H, Grand Champion; Avery Huffstuttler, Homestead 4-H, Reserve Champion; Addison Carney, Lovelady 4-H, 3rd; Taylor Dise, Latexo FFA, 4th; Shelby Abshire, Latexo FFA, 5th; Cord Carney, Lovelady 4-H; 6th; Payton Larkin, Lovelady FFA, 7th; Ethan Blake Patrick, Lovelady FFA, 8th; Tobi Curless, Latexo 4-H, 9th; Jake Murray, Lovelady 4-H, 10th; Hunter Goodson, Latexo FFA, 11th; Brilee Andrus, Latexo 4-H, 12th; Akaiah Coleman, Lovelady 4-H, 13th; Ella Post, Grapeland FFA, 14th; Cole Goolsby, Grapeland FFA, 15th; Caleb Larkin, Lovelady FFA, 16th; Chassidy Hicks, Pineywoods 4-H Horse Club, 17th; Caden Abshire, Latexo FFA, 18th; Kallie Stephens, Latexo 4-H, 19th; Patrick Merchant, Lovelady 4-H, 20th; Kandler Chappell, Lovelady 4-H, 21st; Shyanne Pipkin, Lovelady FFA, 22nd; Shawna Merchant, Lovelady 4-H, 23rd; Gracie McMahon, Lovelady FFA, 24th; Rebekah Stone, Homestead 4-H, 25th; Colton Patrick, Lovelady 4-H, 26th; Taniah Johnson, Lovelady 4-H, 27th; Brayden Barron, Grapeland FFA, 28th; Bentli Gambill, Lovelady 4-H, 29th; Dalli Jones, Grapeland FFA, 30th.

Breeding Rabbits

Taniah Johnson, Lovelady 4-H, Grand Champion Doe; Kailen Martin, Kennard FFA, Reserve Champion Doe; Lacey Currie, Pineywoods 4-H Horse Club, Grand Champion Buck; Trey White, Crockett FFA, Reserve Champion Buck.


Rylee Wilson, Lovelady 4-H, Grand Champion; Levi Wilson, Lovelady 4-H, Reserve Champion; Lane Wilson, Lovelady 4-H, 3rd; Wacey Moore Jr., Lovelady FFA, 4th; Emily Henderson, Homestead 4-H, 5th; Jason DeCluette, Grapeland FFA, 6th; Brantley Jenkins, Lovelady 4-H, 7th; Christopher Grier, Homestead 4-H, 8th; Kiera DeCluette, Grapeland FFA, 9th; Meredith Tuggle, Crockett FFA, 10th; Wendy Perez-Maldonado, Grapeland FFA, 11th; Stacy Perez-Maldonado, Grapeland FFA, 12th; Sarah Henderson, Homestead 4-H, 13th; Alexander Perez-Maldonado, Grapeland FFA, 14th; Citori Antley, Kennard FFA, 15th.

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