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063022 pineywoods fishing report

B.A. Steinhagen

FAIR. Water stained; 81 degrees; 0.33 feet below. Fishing patterns are similar as we head into the weekend. Bass are fair with some topwater action early morning, switching to your favorite plastics along grass lines midday. Crappie are good using minnows and jigs on main lake structures and brush piles. Catfish are good moving shallow biting cut and cheese bait.

Bob Sandlin

FAIR. Water clear; 92 degrees; 0.73 feet low. In the hot Texas summer fish early or late in the day for the best bite. Crappie are fair on brush in 15-20 feet of water biting on minnow and jigs. Bass are fair on topwaters shallow early morning, moving to 20-30 feet off points midday with your favorite plastics after the topwater bite tapers off. Catfish are fair on baited holes 15-20 feet of water using cheese bait or cut bait. Report by Marty Thomas, Lake O the Pines Crappie Fishing.


SLOW. Water stained; 79 degrees; 0.54 feet high. Lake is in full summer mode with schooling action in places with some deep bites in the river on crankbaits and shaky head patterns. You can still catch some big ones on topwaters around grass and pads, or throw junebug or watermelon color flukes and worms around the trees and grass lines. A bass over 10 pounds was caught this past week, so there are still trophies biting. Come and enjoy the lake and view what God spoke into existence, and catch a few. Report provided by Vince Richards, Caddo Lake Fishing & Fellowship.


GOOD. Slightly stained; 88 degrees; 0.71 feet below. Catfish have been plentiful on catfish bubblegum shrimp and chicken liver, over baited holes, on ledges close to heavy structure in 10-25 feet of water. As the water warms you will have to sift through smaller fish to find the better sized eaters. Report by Bradley Doyle, Bradley’s Guide Service. Hybrid striped bass are good with M. T. Pocket slabs. Larger fish are in 17-25 feet of water, and many undersized fish are schooling in big schools. Please check the Texas Parks & Wildlife website to see the tooth patch between hybrids and white bass. Crappie have been tough the last few weeks. Target standing timber and brush piles in 12-22 feet of water. Catching a few per pile with a soft hit on minnows, and black and chartreuse or monkey milk jigs. Black bass are good in 12-18 feet of water close to brush, using creature baits. Always wear your life jacket! Report by Mike Cason, Fishical Therapy Lake Conroe Fishing Guide.


GOOD. Water Stained; 75 degrees; 6.17 feet low. Crappie are stacked up like crazy on brush piles, laydowns, underwater bridges and standing timber in 13-28 feet of water. Finally starting to see more white crappie loading in the deeper timber as well in numbers. The bite has been a little more up and down this week with the changes in the temperature. Some days double limits are super easy and some days we have to work harder. Straight minnows are still the ticket, but hand ties and soft plastics will put fish in the boat. Report provided by Jacky Wiggins, Jacky Wiggins Guide Service. Largemouth bass are good early in the morning, but the bite ends by noon most days. Big worms Texas or Carolina rigged and big shaky heads are working best in 12-25 feet of water on points and humps. Best colors are plum, blue fleck, and tequila sunrise. Deep crankbaits are working well in creek channel bends and deep humps 22-30 feet of water. Best colors will be chartreuse, blue, black and shad patterned. Report by Lake Fork fishing guide Marc Mitchell and Jason Hoffman, Lake Fork Pro.

Houston County

GOOD. Water stained; 82 degrees; 0.46 feet below. Crappie are good on brush piles. Bass are fair with dropshots, crankbaits and flukes. Catfish are good on cut baits and juglines.

Lake O' The Pines

GOOD. Water lightly stained; 93 degrees; 1.19 feet low. In the hot Texas summer fish early or late in the day for the best bite. Crappie are fair on brush in 15-20 feet of water biting on minnow and jigs. Bass are fair on topwaters shallow early morning, moving to 20-30 feet off points midday with your favorite plastics after the topwater bite tapers off. Catfish are fair on baited holes 15-20 feet of water using cheese bait or cut bait. Report by Marty Thomas, Lake O the Pines Crappie Fishing.


GOOD. Stained; 85 degrees; 0.05 feet above. Bass are fair on grass ledges using Texas rigged worms and shaky heads. Catfish are good off docks and the bank with cut bait. White bass are schooling on main lake humps and points using silver jigging spoons and small swimbaits.

Martin Creek

SLOW. 80 degrees. Water lightly stained; 0.99 feet below. Catfish are good on baited holes and off docks with cut bait. Bass are good on chatterbaits and football jigs in flooded timber. Crappie are good on mid lake brush piles with minnows and jigs.


GOOD. Water clear to stained; 89 degrees. Lake has settled into a typical summer pattern as we head into the Independence Day weekend. Good numbers of bass are schooling up over deeper water. Most fish are suspended just above the thermocline, so count your lure down to the thermocline depth and keep it in the strike zone. A mag-worm in Junebug color is getting bit in 8-12 feet of water, or small slabs to match the shad size. Try finding shade provided by standing timber or shoreline trees. The Crappie population is good. Catfish are slow. Report by Eric Wolfe, NacoTack Fishing Services.


SLOW. Water stained; 91 degrees; 3.5 feet low. Bass have been great on topwater early in the morning, then fair on Texas rigs later in the day. Catfish are good on punch bait and cut bait. Crappie are good on jigs and minnows.

Sam Rayburn

GOOD. Water stained; 90 degrees; 2.45 feet low. Dock fishing is good for catfish, perch and a few bass. Bass are good early morning with topwaters over grass transitioning to points with soft plastics midday. White bass are good in the lake off points with chrome jigs. Crappie are good on brush piles with live minnows. Bluegill are mixed in with the crappie biting on worms. Catfish are in creek channels off ledges in 18 feet of water. Report by Lynn Atkinson, Reel Um N Guide Service.

Toledo Bend

GOOD. Water stained; 80-82 degrees; 2.03 feet low. The water level is 170.1 with both generators running from 1-7:00 p.m. Water temperature at the dam is 80 degrees with surface temperature around 82. The back feeder creeks are clearing, and the main lake is clear with no rain again this week. Bass have been caught schooling on the surface of Palo Gaucho and Lowes Creek in the late evening. Early in the mornings as the sun comes up use topwater baits like Pop Rs, buzz baits, popping frogs, and spooks. Mid-morning as the fish go deeper transition to 8-12 inch ribbon tail worms and crankbaits in 12-20 feet of water. Cast 8-12 inch dark colored worms on a Texas or Carolina rig to entice a bigger bass to bite. Crappie, bream and yellow bass are in the brush piles and lay downs in 15-25 feet of water. Crappie are biting best on live minnows or crappie jigs in T-Bend’s favorite colors like monkey milk, blue ice, T-shad. Catfish are in the channels and breaks. The shallow bluegill bite has been spotty as the water temperature increases. Summer is here with triple digit weather, so remember to wear light clothing, sunglasses, and sunscreen.When on the water it is important to stay hydrated so that you do not experience heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Be alert to heavy boat traffic and kayaks on the water over the Fourth of July weekend. Remember to always keep your life jacket on while on the water, and to fasten the engine kill switch lanyard to your person when operating a motorized vessel on the water. Play it safe on the water, always inform your loved ones or a friend of your expected return time to port or home. Good luck and tight lines! Report from Captain Steve (Scooby) Stubbe, Mudfish Adventures LLC, Mudfish Rod Shop, Kayak and Fishing Guide Service


GOOD. Water lightly stained; 84 degrees; 0.66 feet below. Bass are slow on trick worms. Crappie are fair in 16-18 feet of water pushing into deeper water on brush piles and submerged structures using live minnows and jigs. Bluegill are good in 16 feet of water on red worms. If you find the bluegill you will find other species feeding. Catfish are good in 16 feet of water with minnows and stink bait. Report by Paul Taylor, The Boulders at Lake Tyler.

Wright Patman

GOOD. Water lightly stained; 86 degrees; 2.13 feet above. The Texas heat has slowed the bite some. Crappie are good on main lake points using jigs and minnows. Limits of catfish are good but slowing some in the main lake using punch bait. Stay close the shoreline off points in evening to land feeding catfish. White bass are good and the heat has them schooling biting on anything imitating shad. Bluegill are good with red worms and crickets. Report by Brooks Tarkington, Lake Wright Patman Guide Service.

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