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Corky Cochran Relays 4BRIAN BESCH | PCE The Livingston boys won the Corky Cochran Relays on Thursday, while the Lady Lions finished second.

By Brian Besch

Varsity Boys Points By School

1st Livingston HS 97

2nd Huntington HS 95

3rd Tarkington 94

4th Woodville HS 93

5th Liberty HS 72

6th Jasper 71

7th Diboll HS 54

8th Northland Christian HS 21

100 M Dash

1st Nic Ray Northland Chri... 11.85

2nd KALEB SELLS Jasper 11.94

3rd Tank Johnson Livingston HS 12.08

200 M Dash

1st Justin Legg Livingston HS 23.66

2nd Nic Ray Northland Chri... 24.37

3rd Ajani Bell Tarkington 24.48

400 M Dash

1st Riley Johnson Tarkington 54.17

2nd Nick Paxon Huntington HS 55.10

3rd Elijah Mansfield Huntington HS 56.93

800 M Run

1st CONNOR MONROE Jasper 2:08.07

2nd Romero Rene Liberty HS 2:09.06

3rd Moran Matthew Liberty HS 2:14.41

1600 M Run

1st Flowers Patrick Liberty HS 4:53.86

2nd Moran Matthew Liberty HS 5:06.45

3rd Romero Rene Liberty HS 5:10.51

3200 M Run

1st Flowers Patrick Liberty HS 10:35.65

2nd Justin Hales Livingston HS 11:44.77

3rd Jason Williams Tarkington 11:45.86

110 M Hurdles

1st Ronald Washington Woodville HS 15.90

2nd Ayden Colbert Huntington HS 15.99

3rd Kevon Paire Woodville HS 16.00

300 M Hurdles

1st Ayden Colbert Huntington HS 44.30

2nd Quincy Humphries Huntington HS 46.28

3rd Tanner Johnson Tarkington 48.29

4x100 M Relay

1st Diboll HS 46.22

2nd Tarkington 46.39

3rd Woodville HS 46.88

4x200 M Relay

1st Woodville HS 1:37.44

2nd Livingston HS 1:39.01

3rd Huntington HS 1:39.22

4x400 M Relay

1st Jasper 3:45.20

2nd Tarkington 3:47.21

3rd Huntington HS 3:51.69

Long Jump

1st ron washington Woodville HS 19’-7"

2nd Ajani Bell Tarkington 19’-0 1/2"

3rd Linus Maninno Woodville HS 18’-9"

Shot Put

1st SHUNMARKUS A... Jasper 48’-7 1/2"

2nd Gums, Jeremiah Diboll HS 41’-2 1/2"

3rd Ladanian Walker Livingston HS 41’-1 1/2"


1st Gavin Edwards Tarkington 128’-2"

2nd Ladanian Walker Livingston HS 112’-1"

3rd Brynten White Livingston HS 101’-0"

Triple Jump

1st Teal, Chris Diboll HS 41’-9"

2nd Ayden Colbert Huntington HS 39’-9 1/2"

3rd Lloyd Evans Woodville HS 39’-7"

High Jump

1st Linus Maninno Woodville HS 6’-4"

2nd Brandon Lyons Livingston HS 6’-0"

3rd Ayden Colbert Huntington HS 5’-10"

Pole Vault

1st Heifner Trace Liberty HS 9’-0"

Varsity Girls Points By School

1st Woodville HS 140

2nd Livingston HS 112

3rd Liberty HS 82

4th Northland Christian HS 71

5th Tarkington 47

6th Huntington HS 42

7th Jasper 23

8th Diboll HS 10

100 M Dash

1st Knepper, Abbie Liberty HS 13.38

2nd Bolton, Helene Diboll HS 13.64

3rd Azairiah Harrell Livingston HS 13.76

200 M Dash

1st Knepper, Abbie Liberty HS 28.55

2nd Brianna Boddie Tarkington 29.26

3rd Robinson, Cherish Liberty HS 29.46

400 M Dash

1st Julia Hearn Northland Chri... 1:06.00

2nd Maddie Hearn Northland Chri... 1:08.11

3rd Brooklynn Baker Tarkington 1:12.47

800 M Run

1st Anyhia Duncan Livingston HS 2:35.49

2nd Abigail Wietstruck Northland Chri... 2:35.79

3rd Shivers, Julianne Liberty HS 2:40.33

1600 M Run

1st Abigail Wietstruck Northland Chri... 6:06.42

2nd Shivers, Julianne Liberty HS 6:16.93

3rd Trinity Polk Northland Chri... 6:22.26

3200 M Run

1st Ryleigh Stewart Woodville HS 16:05.22

2nd Ashley Davis Woodville HS 16:10.51

100 M Hurdles

1st Kaaliyah Youngblo... Livingston HS 19.54

2nd Ava Hartsell Livingston HS 20.38

3rd Mia Poncho Livingston HS 20.43

300 M Hurdles

1st J. McDougal Jasper 53.93

2nd Bree Davis Huntington HS 57.56

3rd Quiana Castle Woodville HS 1:00.38

4x100 M Relay

1st Liberty HS 52.15

2nd Livingston HS 52.78

3rd Woodville HS 54.00

4x200 M Relay

1st Woodville HS 1:57.55

2nd Livingston HS 1:57.59

3rd Liberty HS 1:58.13

4x400 M Relay

1st Woodville HS 4:51.91

2nd Livingston HS 5:01.37

3rd Huntington HS 5:11.67

Long Jump

1st Brianna Boddie Tarkington 15’-2"

2nd Brooklynn Baker Tarkington 14’-7 3/4"

3rd Azairiah Harrell Livingston HS 14’-5 1/4"

Shot Put

1st Nattali Vonessen Woodville HS 31’-8"

2nd Kamryn Grammer Woodville HS 29’-10"

3rd Jewell Capps Huntington HS 28’-9"


1st AALIYAH ROBINS... Jasper 113’-8"

2nd Meredith Langdon Northland Chri... 93’-1"

3rd Paxton Joslin Tarkington 85’-5"

Triple Jump

1st Madeline Wietstruck Northland Chri... 31’-8"

2nd Brittany Lilley Woodville HS 29’-10"

3rd Janyrah Kibble Woodville HS 29’-3"

High Jump

1st Tamara Martin Woodville HS 4’-8"

2nd Anyhia Duncan Livingston HS 4’-6"

3rd Kamryn Grammer Woodville HS 4’-6"

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