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Thoughts from a 'Dumb ole Biker': Ruling nullifies gun laws

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Opinion Generic STOCKBy Robert Poynter

A federal Judge just ruled that Illegal immigrants can own and buy guns, and to keep them from doing so, violates the Constitution.

One of the questions on the form is are you a United States Citizen, and the law is you must be a citizen to buy guns in the United States.

Without knowing it, the Federal Judge just undid every single gun law in existence if this ruling stands. Federal law states that you must be a US Citizen, to overturn that one law using the Constitution as it’s reasoning to overturn that law, means that all other laws pertaining to guns are also Unconstitutional. If illegals are undocumented, and they can buy guns, how are they going to run any sort of background check on this people? If they can’t run background checks on these people, how are we to know they don’t have ill intentions when purchasing a gun? If a person enters our country, illegally, and can buy a gun, how can they enforce any other gun law, while hiding behind the Constitution making it legal for a criminal to purchase a gun? These are unvetted people, who entered our country illegally, they are criminals. So ask yourself, how can they enforce any other gun law, now that they claim illegals can own and buy guns?

Well what do I know about such things, after all I’m just a Dumb ole Biker, but think about this.

These are unvetted, undocumented, illegal aliens, that can now legally buy guns, what could possibly go wrong? Illegal aliens from 168 different countries, many of them who hate us, can now purchase weapons to use against us.

Writer/thinker/self-professed “Dumb Ole Biker” Robert Poynter serves as mayor of the City of Chester

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