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Easy Health Tips: Cut the Cheese

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By Caleb Fortenberry

East Texans love their fried foods, their sweet tea, and their cheese. With the new year and sitting at home from all of the Covid-19 issues, folks might have gained a few more pounds than planned.

Goals change all of the time, but most of can agree we want to be healthy and we don’t really want to be overweight.

Even if you look to be in fairly decent shape, you could be struggling with some belly fat, especially for guys with the “dad-bod”.

Well, there may be some stuff you haven’t tried before. Take a look at the list of diets and routines that you may not have considered, to cut your stubborn love handles, belly jiggle, and thunder thighs.

Cut the cheese!


No, literally cut the cheese out of your diet. Cheese has a ton of calories in it. It may be the one food item that is sending you over the top in caloric intake. Some people go as far as reducing all fats, with a limitation of 20 grams per day. It may be a good choice for all you carb lovers

No Soda


Sometimes cutting out drinks help a tremendous amount as well. One coke contains 39 grams of sugar which is nearly equivalent to 10 sugar cubes for one 12 oz can of coke. Some people drink more than just one coke per day. Imagine the number of calories that would be dropped from this, should someone decide to cut their bad drinking habits - several hundred per day.

Pick carbs or fats, not both


If you have a fairly balanced diet, no fried foods, no junk food, then chances are you’re mixing carbs and fats each day. Try changing it up. If you plan on eating fatty proteins like beef, don’t eat any carbs that day. Likewise, if you’re eating chicken or poultry, eat some carbs! Grab a sweet potato and go to town.

Try fasting


Some people’s metabolisms just aren’t working fast, which means you probably need to eat less or workout more. Either way, intermittent fasting is a great way to burn off those calories early in the morning. It only sucks for about a week or two.

Fasting cardio


Fasting cardio is similar to intermittent fasting. Basically, before you do anything in the morning, especially before you eat, go do some cardio. You burn off about 20% more fat on an empty stomach while doing cardio. So, you could actually cut your workout time down too!

If all else fails, get help


Sometimes people try on their own and can never succeed at losing weight. It’s very trial and error. Not every diet works for everyone. Also, some people have thyroid issues or just have chemical imbalances they have no control over. If you’ve tried and failed, there’s no shame. Talk to your doctor and get the help you need.

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    Ophelia Butts · 2 years ago
    Some great tips and advice here, but for me, I think the key is to consume coleslaw with every meal. I have it on good authority the author of this article loves the stuff and here’s the photo to prove it: