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Trinity County News - Breakout

District shows improvement

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TRINITY — The Trinity ISD has shown improvement is most academic areas, according to the recently released Texas Academic Performance Reports.

The Trinity School Board discussed the report in a public hearing on Feb. 28.

Superintendent John Kaufman said that compared to 2019 numbers, there’s been significant improvement in most areas. 

“We’ve progressed in almost everything, perhaps 95 percent of the areas analyzed,” he said. Good report, and very good for us. Those numbers 2 years old, and we’ve improved, so we’re excited as t where we’re going.

Kaufman did say the districts CTE numbers are not as high, but adding more courses will help improve those figures.

Prior to the meeting, the board recognized the Junior High School UIL academic team members, who became district champs for the second year in a row.

Kaufman said the students competed with all schools in district, and won by more than 200 points.

In other business, the board:

• approved an agreement with Texas Kids First Insurance, which is a supplemental insurance normally for any kids participating in UIL activities. Kaufman said it’s now open for all students;

• moved march payroll date to the 23rd;

• approved 2022-23 school calendar; and

• approved the Trinity Middle School Beta Club to travel to nationals in Nashville.

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Trinity County Fair to kick off

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trinity co fair copySpecial to the News-Standard

GROVETON — In one week, 4-H and FFA students from the four county schools, among others, will compete in the Trinity County Fair and Youth Livestock Show.

The fair, always the third weekend in March at the Y in Groveton, will feature the animal and other projects completed by students from Apple Springs, Centerville, Groveton and Trinity schools. 

The fair barn, the volunteers, and the competitors have all chipped in to prepare, a worthy endeavor to support the youth of Trinity County, according to organizer and Board President Bill Wagner. 

“The kids have worked very hard in raising their animals and building their projects and we all need to show them we care and are very proud of them for their efforts,” he said. “Whether they win a belt buckle or come in last, they all need our support.”

The Pet Show will begin at 11:30 a.m. Saturday, March 19. Any child that wants to participate in the pet show must be there by 10:30 a.m. to register and must be under the age of 8 years old and bring their pet. 

Also on Saturday, the Awards Presentation will begin at 5 p.m., followed by the live auction at 5:30 p.m. All buyers and add-ons are welcome. 

There will be food vendors selling barbecue, hamburgers, sausage on a stick, breakfast burritos, funnel cakes, drinks and more.

For information, call Show Secretary Laura Worsham Anderson at (936) 465-0110 or Bill Wagner at (713) 501-6733.

Schedule of Events

Trinity County Fair and Youth Livestock Show

Thursday, March 17

7 am.-noon: Check in all shop projects 

4 p.m.: Steers must be in the arena 

4-5 p.m.: Steer weigh-in and sift

Friday, March 18

7-10 a.m.: Check-in time for all other market animals, shop projects and all expense sheets

Noon: Broiler competition, Commercial Heifer written test

1 p.m.: Fryer competition

3 p.m.: Lamb competition

4 p.m.: Goat competition

6 p.m.: Swine competition

Saturday, March 19

7 a.m.: Commercial Heifer competition

8-9 a.m.: Home Economics projects turned in

10 a.m.: Steer competition

11:30 a.m.: Pet show

5 p.m. Awards presentation

5:30 p.m. Live auction.

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School debates calendar changes

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Groveton ISD logo 250TCNS staff

 GROVETON — The Groveton School Board renewed its District of Innovation Plan, a process that will allow administrators more freedom in scheduling, at its regular meeting on Feb. 28.

Superintendent Jim Dillard said the district is considering a move to a 4-day schedule, and the Innovation plan will make any changes easier. 

However, no changes have been made as the district still is collecting information to see if that is the proper direction for Groveton. 

“We put out a survey, but we didn’t get many responses because many felt it was too difficult to access,” Dillard said. “Of those that did respond, we have a 74 percent approval rating to move to a four-day week. I’m not sure (the low amount of responses are) enough to move there.”

Among the concerns such a transition would cause are day care of students on the off-day, as well as for length of school day, which can be tough on elementary school kids, he said.

“It’s all around us (as Apple Springs, Centerville and Shepherd districts have adopted 4-day weeks), but for our district,” Dillard said. “I want to do what’s right for the kids, and I need more input from staff and community.”

In other business, the board:

• approved policy updates suggested by the Texas Association of School Boards;

• opened bids for the sale of surplus school land; and

• approved employment contracts for administrators throughout the district.

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Bridging gaps with Art

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 Tish Inman helps her class in their various art projects. Inman offers art scholarships for 20 Groveton students a year.   Photos by Tony Farkas | TCNS Tish Inman helps her class in their various art projects. Inman offers art scholarships for 20 Groveton students a year. Photos by Tony Farkas | TCNS

By Tony Farkas
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

GROVETON — Six-year-old Violet likes to make fans, ones that change pictures as it changes directions.

Faith, 8, loves to paint animals (wolves are her favorite), but has a special fondness for art using shaving cream.

Carmen, 12, says art to her is about meaning, and see other people’s interpretations of her work. It’s a way of creating communication.

It started as an “addiction” to doodling in the margins of everything, she said.

Molly, 16, said art for her is different. Being color blind, she instead uses her talents to freeze a moment in time.

Her favorite pastime is drawing landscapes, but wants to expand that creativity into digital photography and Photoshop manipulation.

Art for Molly is therapeutic as well; she has been diagnosed with a nervous system disorder, and art is a stress reliever, helping her cope.

Braedon, 7, was one of the first scholarship recipients. He likes to paint, snakes in particular — all of them, because they’re interesting and take more than drawing a line.

Tish Inman’s first six- month scholarship class is as eclectic as the various mediums she teaches — everything from pencil drawings to soldering for stained glass windows.

Inman owns Tish’s on the Groveton Square, a unique combination art school/B&B, and she is dedicated to creating an after-school program.

“Art is vital, it’s a different way of viewing the world,” she said. “It helps kids with their concentration and their attitudes. It’s freeing, because there’s no right or wrong way to do it. It’s a non-aggressive form of expression.”

 For 20 students annually, ages 5-18 — 10 for each six-month period — from Groveton ISD to attend art classes once a week.

“I’ve always wanted to do a scholarship because some children can’t afford it, or they may have some disabilities, and those kids do well with art therapy,” Inman said. 

This program is funded by donations from generous sponsors who believe in the importance of having art available during the most impressionable years in a child’s life.

“I have a very wealthy client in Maryland (who wishes to remain anonymous) who loves what I’m doing, and he stroked a check to cover 10 kids for six months, and he will continue to send the funds even after he’s gone,” she said.

If you would like your child (limited to one scholarship annually per household) to apply for this opportunity, contact Tish at (936) 433-2535 for more information.

Also, anyone interested in becoming a sponsor to help make this vital program and continue to make it available to this community can contact Tish.

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Treasurer answers financial security questions

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Trinity Countyseal 200By Tony Farkas
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 GROVETON — During discussion about county finances, County Treasurer Bob Dockens was questioned about the security of county deposits and investments.

The discussion was held Feb. 22 during a regular meeting of the Trinity County Commissioners’ Court. Commissioner Neal Smith asked Dockens if the county’s money is protected.

Dockens said that what deposits can be are covered by FDIC to the maximum as allowed by law. However, when the FDIC limits of protection are exceeded, other methods are employed.

The FDIC insures accounts up to $250,000 per bank, according to FDIC.gov. In the case of Citizens State Bank, where the county has its accounts, the bank has $4 billion in bonds as security, pledged to the account.

“Our bank accounts are collateralized by this,” he said. “Our investments have a similar type of protection.”

Dockens said there are insurance policies in place for investments as well.

In other business, the court:

• proclaimed February as Black History Month;

• approved hiring Terracon for soil testing at a piece of property  that is a potential jail site;

• approved personnel action forms;

• approved a maintenance contract with VistaCom for $3,251 for a recorder system for the Sheriff’s Office;

• approved a budget amendment of $5,000.23 to balance the county’s books;

• approved seeking bids for road work on Joe Bailey Road;

• tabled a decision on the purchase of a storage unit;

• set April 13 as the Spring Trash cleanup date; and

• tabled a decision to enact a burn ban in the county.

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