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Groveton, Trinity students win contest

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Winners Stock

Special to the News-Standard

TRINITY — VFW Post 6899 awarded $500 in its recent Voice of Democracy scholarship contest.

First place and a scholarship of $300 went to Kade Rosser, a senior at Groveton High School.

Second place and a scholarship of $150 went to  Kendyle McClenon, a senior at Trinity High School.

Third place and a scholarship of $ $50 went to Chesney Helman, a freshman at Groveton High School.

Rosser went on to the next echelon, the VFW District 19 competition, where his essay placed third. He was awarded a plaque and an addition $200 scholarship.

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Students garner honors

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The Trinity High School FBLA Team took home numerous awards in a recent competition. Courtesy photo The Trinity High School FBLA Team took home numerous awards in a recent competition. Courtesy photo

Special to the News-Standard

Recently, the Trinity Future Business Leaders of America competed at the Area 5 contest and took home 10 awards.

Rachel Connell took home a first-place certificate, and Creek Copley Jamaican Corley and Ava Morrison each had second-place finishes.

Natalie Bates, Aaliyah Hale, Brooke Arnold and Natalyn Jordan had fourth-place finishes. Allie Ancira won fourth place as well as Who’s Who, and Emilie Ellis won fifth place.

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New city manager not satisfied with status quo

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Tim King took the reins of the city of Trinity this month. Photo by Tony FarkasTim King took the reins of the city of Trinity this month. Photo by Tony Farkas

By Tony Farkas
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

TRINITY — Newly minted Trinity City Manager Tim King doesn’t plan to be a placeholder, but a proactive leader who will keep the city moving ahead.

Former City Manager Steven Jones retired at the beginning of the year, and recommended King as his replacement. King has been with city since August 2022, working as an auditor, and was in charge of programming the new water meters the city has been installing.

Prior to the job at the city, King was a maintenance director for Camp Olympia, a private summer camp setup in Trinity County.

While Jones served as both Police Chief and City Manager, King said he only will be the city manager, even though he will have oversight powers with the police. John Raiford, recently hired as police chief, will ultimately be in charge of his department.

King said he hopes to keep the city moving toward modernization of its services.

“We want to keep improving the water system, we want to keep improving the police department,” he said. “Everybody wants the small-town feel, but they also want good WiFi and good water and sewer service. I hope to keep things running smoothly while keeping the city progressing.

While learning the ropes, King still wants to keep taking steps forward, because he said that status quo is never enough.

“There’s always better to be done,” he said. “I just hate to hear that’s the way it’s always been done. If we did things the way we’d always done, we would be walking instead of driving.”

Projects in the works include road repair, sewer and water line replacement and constructing another storage tower.

With a high-energy mayor like Billy Goodin, King said he has to keep up with that, and can’t rest on his laurels.

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Nurses lauded for efforts

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Stock Photo

Special to the News-Standard

Nurses from all areas of care received honors in the inaugural 2022 Pineywoods Nurse of the Year awards recently.

Those being honored include Cindy Kendrick, RN, of Trinity, a nurse at Trinity Rehab and Healthcare Center.

The peer and clinician-driven awards were created to elevate nurses and raise awareness of compassion fatigue and burnout. Each Grand Prize winner will receive a trip donated by Elite Island Resorts, a charitable Caribbean resort organization in support of Pineywoods East Texas nurses.

“Our nurses are very important to us. The award’s impact has brought an immense boost in confidence for the profession – aiding in retention, ” said Amanda Maggio, Hospice Consultant with AccentCare.

There were 15 grand award winners and 30 total awards given out in three different categories: home care,  hospital, and facility.

Organizers hope the self-care-oriented gifts and trips will honor nurses, who are nominated by their colleagues or leadership in communities that have shown resiliency, compassion in the hardest of times, and excellence in quality of care despite challenges faced.

“These award winners are an inspiration to others,” Maggio said.

Home Care NOY awards went to Sandy Emin, Dee Dee Bollman, Jamie Gressler, Stacy Guerra, Sendy Sopchak, Katy Owens, Abbie Murphy and Alice McNiel.

The Hospital division NOY awards recipients are Stephanie Crofford, Erin Medina, Jordan Small, Vu Huynh, Leila Rogers, Estee Cokenour, Shelby Gay, Halie Berry, Tristin Hancock and Ronna Baker.

The Facility category NOY awards were given to Shanna Reynolds, Lori Cantrell, Danielle Simpson, Kamri Garrison, Mary Moore, Cindy Kendrick, Beverly Nelson, Jessica Stokley, Lashonda Carr and Neil Dickens.

“We are so proud of AccentCare’s nurses and the other recipients,” said Holly Titsworth, AccentCare PR Manager. “This is an excellent way to show how valuable nurses are in the mission-driven work they do everyday.”

Many thanks go out to the award recipients for all the hard work and care they put in every day for their patients and families in Cleveland, Woodville, Shepherd, Corrigan, Groveton, Trinity and Huntsville.   

“The workforce is beaming,” Maggio said. “Overall, this region has improved, increasing the likelihood of maintaining resiliency; therefore contributing directly to improved workplace environments. The compassion fatigue training scheduled will inevitably improve patient care for long term outcome.”

For more information, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Meetings abound in new year

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The Trinity County Crime Stoppers is hosting its 12th Annual Cowboy Mardi Gras Dinner and Dance Gala Saturday, Jan. 28. See story for more details.The Trinity County Crime Stoppers is hosting its 12th Annual Cowboy Mardi Gras Dinner and Dance Gala Saturday, Jan. 28. See story for more details.

Julias TidbitsLast week I told you about one of my resolutions for 2023 was to solve loose ends to some unanswered questions from my past. Well, my first resolution question asked was resolved by one of my readers. Mary, who used to work at the Trinity Standard newspaper years ago, said she had the answer to one of my questions.

Mary said she received pictures of my friend who did marry her photographer boyfriend in the fall of 2017. She and her husband were dressed in black and were married at the Texas Renaissance Festival in Plantersville. Wow. No other news though.

With Presidents’ Day being celebrated on the third Monday of February in most states, the story of Washington chopping down the Cherry tree and telling the truth about that endeavor was a made-up story by Parson Mason Weems in the late 1700s. Weems one of Washington’s biographers who concocted the story was hoping to demonstrate Washington’s honesty.

The second myth about George Washington I never questioned was the myth that George Washington had wooden dentures. The fact is, they weren’t made of wood: they were made of hippopotamus teeth that had been filed down to fit into Washington’s mouth. Ugh.

Why would we think a 6-year-old boy would chop down a cherry tree at this age with his hatchet is beyond me. Years later learning George had slaves and married a wealthy lady with two kids seemed more likely to me than the cherry tree lies.

I visited Washington’s Mt. Vernon home in 1980 two hundred years after he was President. I was amazed how intact everything was and how well preserved the plantation was kept; the details were amazing. There was a bibliography on PBS some years back telling his life story, and about how his wife’s wealthy position and status in the 1700s in the New England society promoted him to become the First President after the American Revolution.

Believe it or not, Martha was the one who insisted George go into politics and run for the presidency, as he did not really want that undertaking after the revolution and was tired of war and politics.

She was very high-fashioned, and Martha had the best dressed slaves on their plantation. Martha never got to live in the White House as the First Lady of President George Washington as it was not built then. George Washington commissioned the building of the White House, but it was not finished before he left his term of office.

Interestingly Martha would not allow George to be buried at the White House after he died. I wonder why? I did see where there was a place made for his interment below the Rotunda in Washington, D.C. when I visited the Capitol 20 years ago, but it was never used.

Today, George Washington’s Birthday is one of only 11 permanent holidays established by Congress. One of the great traditions followed for decades has been the reading by a U. S. Senator of George Washington’s Farewell Address in a legislative session, which remains an annual event to this day.

(The Old Farmer’s Almanac 2022 cited for information about Washington’s life and other things.)

After 17 tries to elect a speaker of the house this year, who knows what will happen to some of our favorite traditions in the coming months of 2023. One thing I have observed about our present history now is you do not have to be honest to obtain a congressional seat or political position in the United States government arena.

•Save the Date. On Sunday, Feb. 5, there is a fundraiser for Dona and Tom Hester to be held at the Trinity Volunteer Fire Department Station to help raise money to defray costs from a devasting fire that left them homeless. For more information call Keith Johnson at (936) 662-3916.

•Martin Senior Citizen Center Old Timers BBQ was a huge success this past weekend, and the food and service was great. The Center is providing many events and opportunities for the younger generation and for the elderly adults in Trinity County.

For instance, they are planning a wonderful Valentine Day Lovers’ Luncheon on Tuesday, February 14, from 2 until-5 p.m. with food provided by the Old Timers BBQ Team. The menu for the lovers will be a filet mignon, asparagus tips, scalloped potatoes, salad, dessert, drinks, and a complimentary glass of sangria for only $20 each person.

Door prizes, music, wine, and games will be enjoyed by all guests on Valentine’s Day at the Center. For more information, please contact Brenda at (936) 594-2625 to reserve a place or a table for six or more.

•The Love Fest in Lovelady, Texas will be held on the second Saturday in February and includes a parade, food, arts and craft vendors, a barbecue cookoff (brisket, ribs, and beans) with monetary prizes, and a dance for entertainment on Saturday night. The event is free, and the public is invited to attend. For more information, please contact Lawanna Monk at (936) 636-7611.

•I wrote about some February events first, but I will now tell you what is happening in January for your pleasure.

First, TISD Student and Staff Holiday on Jan. 16, for Martin Luther King Day with banks and Post Office closed on that day too.

Second, the Trinity Historical Society meets at the Trinity Peninsula Chamber of Commerce on Stadium Street at 2 p.m. on Jan. 16, and yearly membership fees are due. Now would be a good time to come and join this organization to impart your knowledge of Trinity and to enhance your families’ heritage.

•On Saturday, Jan. 28, the Trinity County Crime Stoppers is hosting its 12th Annual Cowboy Mardi Gras Dinner and Dance Gala. The Gala honors the Law officers and agencies in Trinity County with this dinner and dance and recognizes their service to the community.

Tickets are on sell now for $25 each, and places can be reserved by calling Larry Grant at (936) 662-1502 or Rick Villarreal at (936) 577-4383. Another member selling tickets in Groveton is Micho Moore, who can be contacted at (281) 415-7878. The Gala is being held at the Trinity Community Center, 608 S. Robb St., with the doors opening at 5:30 p.m.. The sirloin steaks, baked potatoes, green beans, salad, and peach cobbler is provided by chuck wagon chef Ray Goodrum, and he gets better and better each year.

The music will be spectacular as usual, but this year extra special with Kevin Carter and his Friends Band performing at 8 p.m. after the dinner, and both auctions. Performing with Kevin is Glen Lenderman, all around musician, Steve Paleursy on the steel guitar, and Tom Hooker leader singer from Fort Worth. This will be one awesome night.

The silent auction has some great donations, and the live auction has even better items. This year Rick Villareal is the auctioneer for this event. Rick is also a gifted and talented musician who performs locally and in surrounding counties, as well as host events for other groups and their benefits. Come see him perform his magic.

•The Boys and Girls Club of Trinity will host the fifth annual Valentine Dinner and Dance on Saturday, Feb. 11, at VFW Post 6899, 400 Caroline St., with the doors opening at 5 p.m. Tickets will go on sale next week and tables are already selling fast.

Next week I will give you details about the Valentine Dinner and Dance and list the live auction donations, and menu. So, start saving your money to buy your honey a nice valentine basket and steak dinner.

•There is no spaghetti dinner this month for the Trinity Methodist Church, but they do have a new reverend named Michael D. Bedevian who hails from Crockett. Also, in January, a previous held concert is scheduled in two weeks in the church sanctuary, and Fat Tuesday will be a big event this year at the end of February before Ash Wednesday. Watch this space for details.

Don’t forget, you can still buy the FUMC Founders Day Cookbooks at the Church office on Elm Street for only $20. They make wonderful gifts for local women’s auxiliaries.

See you around town.

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