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Groveton ranch wins medals in Brahman show

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Casaray Ranch, a local breeder of red Brahman, won awards at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Courtesy photoCasaray Ranch, a local breeder of red Brahman, won awards at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Courtesy photo

Special to the News-Standard

HOUSTON  A Groveton-area ranch won several champion and class awards during the recent 2023 ABBA International Brahman Show at Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

Mr Casaray HG Robert 117/2 was named Champion Bull Calf, and Mr Casaray HG Roberth 117/2 and Mr Casaray HG Bryce 126/2 were class winners.

There were three other animals took home second place class winners, and one brought home a third place.

In January 2022, Casaray Ranch moved to Highway 94 in Groveton.

Casaray Ranch is dedicated to the breeding of red Brahman cattle of high genetic value, and for more than 15 years founder and owner Cesar Castro, a veterinarian, had a vision of the genetic improvement of the breed and focused his studies on genetic crosses.

That foundation characterizes Casaray Ranch in its selection of specimens for new modern lineages of red Brahman. The ranch provides specialized services in animal reproduction of red Brahman, including breeding bulls, future donor females, pregnancies by embryo, replacement heifers, bulls and embryos of high genetic value, artificial insemination, preparation of cows to receive embryos, preparation of animals for export.

Casaray Ranch is an active member of the Venezuelan Association of Zebu Cattle Breeders since 2014, of the American Brahman Breeder Association since 2018, and of the Australia Brahman Breeder Association since 2022.

In those associations, genealogical registration is carried out through the control of the ancestry, offspring, genetic crosses and other characteristics of the animals of the Brahman breed, as well as the promotion of the breed and defense of farmers.

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District goes into recruiting season

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Groveton ISD logo 250TCNS staff

GROVETON — The Groveton ISD Board of Trustees authorized Superintendent Jim Dillard to execute contracts in order to fill open teaching positions in the district.

At its regular meeting on March 20, Dillard was given the power to execute contracts from April through August.

Dillard said the district has seven open positions in its campuses, so this gives him the opportunity to contract interested teachers as soon as possible. He said it made things easier, as this is the time of year all districts are looking to fill open spots.

“I don’t see the teacher shortage ending anytime soon, but until state starts to compensate teachers for what they’re worth, this will continue,” he said.

In a related matter, the board discussed teacher contracts, and approved all recommended renewals.

In a separate matter, the board discussed current enrollment, which Dillard said is holding steady, and even rising.

Dillard said that he is predicting between 700-800 students to be enrolled at the beginning of the next school year, since there are more enrollments and more interest in the district coming in each day.

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Enter stage ... right

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032323 one act

The Apple Springs One-Act Play troupe is advancing to bi-district after gaining several awards at a recent competition. Valeria Renero was named to the honor crew, and Samantha McMullen and Noah Thompson each received honorable mention for crew; Kameron Spencer and Marissa Hollis were named to All-star Cast; and Daniel Johnson was tabbed Best Performer. The next competition will be at Panola Junior College on Wednesday. Courtesy photo

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County Fair shows gains in participants, projects

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By Tony Farkas
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

GROVETON — First-year Fair President Joey Rowe said the 36th annual Trinity County Fair and Youth Livestock Show, held Thursday-Saturday at the County Fairgrounds, was straight-up successful.

Rowe credited the success to the dedication and efforts of the volunteers.

“It’s overwhelming the amount of support we’ve gotten,” he said.

He said that in pretty much every area, from livestock entries to shop projects, participation had increased over last year.

Also, the annual livestock sale brought in $271,275.

Trinity County Crime Stoppers operated a pet adoption, and five animals received forever homes.

In the shows, Daniel Brister won Grand Champion steer, and Laney Peterson won Reserve Champion.

Grace Tullos won Grand Champion halter heifers, and Kayla Kembro won Reserve Champion.

Grace Tullos won Grand Champion goat, and Kort Arbuckle won Reserve Champion.

Kamillia LeBlanc won Grand Champion lamb, and Abbey Thornton won Reserve Champion.

Kaileigh Lopez won Grand Champion hog, and Peyton Noack won Reserve Champion.

Lyla Drake won Grand Champion fryers, and Adriana Soltosanti won Reserve Champion.

Hardy Brown won Grand Champion broilers, and Tristin Eddins won Reserve Champion.

Jasper Due won Grand Champion heifers, and Reed Hawkins won Reserve Champion.

Full results and photos will be in the March 30 edition of the Trinity County News-Standard.

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Here is your chance to uplift and support businesses, organizations, and individuals in Trinity County

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publisher points KB 2023Publisher Points
by Kelli Barnes

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce something new and exciting happening this year in Trinity County. It is sponsored by this newspaper, powered by all of you, and will take place online at easttexasnews.com and in print.

I am referring to the 2023 Best of Trinity County, Readers’ Choice Awards.

It all begins in June when each of you can go online to our contest tab during phase one of the competition and nominate your favorite businesses, non-profits, and individuals in a variety of different categories. Everyone is encouraged to go online daily during June to nominate your favorites. This is a great opportunity to support each other, encourage each other, and promote each other and all the wonderful things we have to offer in Trinity County. What an honor it will be to be NOMINATED Best of Trinity County by your friends and neighbors.

During the month of July, the highest number of nominations (up to five total) in each category will move into the second phase of the contest and become a FINALIST. Again, the community will be encouraged to go online daily to vote for your favorites out of all the finalists in each category.

In August, the WINNER in each category, phase three of the competition, will be announced in a special Best of Trinity County section printed in the newspaper, and the contest results will also be available online at easttexasnews.com.

Remember, nominations will be open June 1 – June 30 for phase one of the Readers’ Choice Best of Trinity County contest.

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