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"I didn't know he voiced it nearly as much as I learned," Hinch said. "My plan for him is to make an opportunity for him to be a little more of a complete player, and not just fall in the DH category. Part of that is for Miguel ... but part of it is also for the rest of the team."Colorado Rockies

“Everything so far has been going great,” Ross said. “It’s kind of a normal, quote-unquote, spring training as far as being back on the field and stuff like that.”

Cole also alluded to the lack of a salary floor, and the problem of clubs tanking for draft picks rather than spending to win while rebuilding. The current draft system incentivizes this approach.

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There were a lot of connections for the Reno resident, and during the recruiting process McGee hit it off with his new manager, who used a variety of options in the ninth in his first year but has since said he wants a more set-in-stone closer in 2021. McGee, who has 45 career saves, said he's ready to take on that role if that's Kapler's decision at the end of camp.Washington Nationals

Through four seasons in the minors, Manning has a 3.04 ERA, 1.122 WHIP, 410 strikeouts and 121 walks in 331⅔ innings.

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Those changes enabled McCann to command that four-year, $40 million deal from the Mets, allowing Sandy Alderson to feel fine about essentially passing on J.T. Realmuto, regarded as the best catcher in baseball.Seattle Mariners

If you're sick of hearing it by prospect 25, gear up to hear it another couple dozen times because Greene also stood out on the national stage as a prep underclassman from a productive prep program (Zach Eflin, Ryan Mountcastle) and excelled on the showcase circuit with wood bats against top competition.Arizona Diamondbacks

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