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Luttrell discusses finances

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U.S. Rep. Morgan Luttrell discusses items facing the U.S. House of Representatives. Photo by Tony Farkas

By Tony Farkas
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COLDSPRING — U.S. Rep. Morgan Luttrell, R-Texas, told constituents in Coldspring last week that a government shutdown will depend on whether Congress passes funding bills everyone can agree with.

Luttrell addressed the group at the San Jacinto County Republican Party office on Sept. 11.

Currently, there are 12 appropriations bills, 1 of which has passed, he said.

“I don’t have the answers, but the best-case scenario is this: Republicans have put together 11 appropriations bills. We’ll send it to the Senate, they send it to the president and he signs it. (But) that’s not going to happen.

“What will happen is we’ll send the appropriations bills to the Senate, which will take them and throw them in the trash, and send back a slick continuing resolution, which will come to us,” Luttrell said.

From there, Luttrell said he would be one of many voting against them. However, negotiations will happen, the measure will be pushed to the Senate, which will push it to the president, who will sign it. Or, the House could also do nothing, which could lead to a shutdown.

Luttrell also said there are votes coming up on relief funds for Hawaii and Florida after those areas suffered disasters, as well as additional funds for the Ukraine.

He said the Senate is trying to bundle the three items together.

“The problem is that as a veteran, I support Maui and Florida 100 percent, but they are trying to slap $24 billion on for the Ukraine,” Luttrell said. “I have to support Florida and Maui, but if I vote no on the bill, all you will hear is I didn’t support Maui and Florida. If they can separate Ukraine, which I hope they do, we can vote for the two states and then talk about the Ukraine.”

Luttrell said he is against any funding for the Ukraine because those funds cannot be tracked.

Other items touched on during Luttrell’s visit were VA funding, which was approved; military promotions; border security; and the impeachment inquiry of President Biden.

Additionally, the Jan. 6 defendants and convictions were discussed, and Luttrell invited constituents to visit his office in Washington, D.C., and view all the footage of what happened that day.

He said there are pockets of very aggressive people, but the majority of the people were caught up in the storm; however, the DOJ is making examples of the defendants.

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    Elmo777 · 2 months ago
    Morgan is young and unsuspecting, and he doesn't have the slightest clue what is happening in his district and the entire US.