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City to hear annual financial report

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The annual comprehensive financial report for the fiscal year ending Sept. 30, 2022 will be presented by Steve Palmerton and Kevin Bienvenu of Harper and Pearson Company P.C. during the regular meeting of the Livingston City Council at 5 p.m. Tuesday.

Council is slated to discuss and consider possible action on a notice of termination of contract from Republic Services for the collection and disposal of solid waste and authorization to advertise for proposals for the collection and disposal of solid waste.

Council is expected to consider action on the appointment of an election judge for the May 6 general election.

The CenterPoint Energy acknowledgment of filing and review of 2023 Annual Gas Reliability Infrastructure Program interim rate adjustment to be effective May 1, 2023 will be reviewed and discussed.

Council will discuss and consider possible action on awarding both an administrative services contract and an engineering services contract for the preparation of the city’s  2023-2024 Texas Community Development Block Grant Program application and subsequent contracts if funded.

Council will call a show cause hearing regarding property located at 106 N. East Ave. owned by Joseph McCandless and Manda Kay McCandless. Additionally, Council will call a public hearing on the determination of unsafe and/or dilapidated buildings at the same address and set it for April 11.

An executive session is on the agenda at which time Council will consult with the city attorney. Any action, however, will be taken upon return to open session.

City Manager Bill S. Wiggins will present his monthly update on projects and events.

Other items on the agenda include approval of the minutes of the Feb. 14 regular meeting and payment of accounts over $500.

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Onalaska preparing for general election

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Election Ballot STOCK

In preparation for the May 6 general election, the Onalaska City Council will review and consider action on an interlocal agreement with the Onalaska Independent School District for the purpose of conducting a joint election in compliance with the requirements of the Texas Election Code during its regular meeting at 5 p.m. Tuesday.

In related activity, Council will also review and consider action on an interlocal agreement with Polk County to acquire the use of certain items of equipment and services of the county in conjunction with the May 6 general election.

Council will review and consider possible action on awarding both an administrative services contract and an engineering services contract for the preparation of the city’s  2023-2024 Texas Community Development Block Grant application and subsequent contracts if funded.

Council is expected to authorize the police chief to enter into a non-terminal agreement with the Polk County District Attorney’s Office.

The 2022 racial profiling report will be presented and considered for approval.

In personnel matters, Council is expected to approve the release of Officer Mark Nichols.

Departmental reports will be presented on behalf of the police department, fire department, fire marshal/building inspector and library.

Other items on the agenda include approval of the minutes, vouchers and financial reports.

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Easter event set for Goodrich

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City of GoodrichBy Brian Besch
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

An Easter celebration, road and lawn maintenance, accounting, waste management and an election were all topics of discussion at Thursday’s Goodrich City Council regular meeting for March.

The annual Easter egg hunt has been approved for April 8 at the Goodrich ISD track, 1-3 p.m. The council has planned for 6,000 eggs to be scattered across the track’s infield, and the Goodrich Student Council and Honor Society will lend their assistance. Several businesses and residents have donated funds and prizes for the event, and council will prepare hot dogs and drinks for those attending. 

A discussion between Goodrich ISD and city council over responsibility of a pothole on Katie Simpson Road has the city asking for a determination of school district boundary lines.

The city abandoned a section of Katie Simpson in 1996, as Goodrich ISD constructed a new gymnasium and classrooms where Katie Simpson once extended. The city is requesting that the school district conduct a survey to determine boundary lines.

Goodrich Mayor Kelly Nelson said school district superintendent Daniel Barton has told the council if it is on school property, Goodrich ISD will repair the pothole.

“I am going to call Mr. Barton in the morning and say that he needs to get the surveyor that did the survey and mark what is the school’s property,” Nelson said.

ProStar Waste has a heavy trash day as part of its contract with the City of Goodrich, where a dumpster is placed at certain times for residents. There is an issue with the dumpster often overstuffed, and council would like to see a larger unit placed at the site to resolve the issue. Goodrich secretary Felicia Garrett said the county recently sent letters to certain residents needing to clean their property, and feels that this is been a recent factor in the dumpster issue.

The May 6 election has been canceled with no one challenging the aldermen currently serving. The incumbents whose term will begin once more in May include Nelson, Karen Hughes, Deborah Rademacher and Richard Booth.

The city has purchased ClerkBooks for a total of $10,124. Difficulties in finding a municipal accountant has prompted the move, and the purchase will include training that will allow Garrett to fill the role. A renewal for the product is $749 each year. 

Tim Harrell Mowing, which is contracted as caretaker of lawns at city hall and the community center, requested a bump in compensation from $300 per month to $400. A current breakdown of the contract is $100 for city hall and $200 per month at the community center. The lawns are mowed on a bi-weekly basis.

Council felt the company has performed admirably in maintaining both locations, but has offered an additional $50 instead of the $100 the company was seeking.

Three pine trees will be removed from the community center for $1,250 with the stumps grinded for $250, to avoid the danger of limbs over the structure.

CenterPoint Energy sent notice of its new GRIP adjustments for 2023. Each year, the company sends adjustments to the City of Goodrich for providing natural gas. The current charges are $21.95 per residential customer per month. There will be a $2.98 increase per month per customer. Small businesses will see a $4.48 increase, while large volume customers will have a $24.12 increase per month. 

The new City of Goodrich website is now up and running, and will receive a few tweaks in the coming days.

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County to terminate landfill gas contract

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Terminated STOCK

The Polk County Commissioners Court will consider approval to send notice of termination to Santek Environmental Services of Texas LLC for the collection, management and marketing of landfill gas during its regular meeting at 10 a.m. Tuesday.

The Court will consider a request for approval of a certificate of exemption to exempt from county subdivision regulations the development of Abstract 397 Maria Lindsey Survey (76.942 acres) located in Precinct 4 and consisting of seven tracts, all over 10 acres, with access to existing public road and no other common areas or streets.

In personnel matters, the Court will review and consider personnel action form requests submitted since the last meeting, review any authorized emergency hirings and consider approval of an update to the personnel management system.

Informational reports will be presented on strategic planning, a Red Cross proclamation for March 2023 and the annual spring clean up in Onalaska on April 15.

Items on the consent agenda include:

•Approve minutes of the Feb. 28 regular meeting and emergency session;

•Approve schedules of bills;

Approve order designating surplus property;

•Approval proclamation designating April 2023 as Fair Housing Month in Polk County;

•Issue notice of intent to select county depository/ies for a four-year term (April 2023 to April 2027) with option to renew for an additional two-year term;

•Approve 2023 renewal of Affordable Care Act Reporting and Tracking Service with Texas Association of Counties;

•Approve application for renewal of property insurance coverage through Texas Association of Counties Risk Management Pool;

•Approve order accepting West Ridge Park and Stone Brook Drive in Four Corners Section 5 in Precinct 2 as county roads and add to master street address guide;

•Accept total loss offer for 2017 Chevrolet Equinox and remove from county inventory as of Jan. 27, 2023;

•Approve request from District Attorney Shelly Sitton for asset forfeiture expenditure not to exceed $2,400 for reimbursement of prosecutor moving expenses;

•Approve request from Sitton for asset forfeiture expenditure in the amount of $27,959.80 for the purchase of a 2022 Ford Escape from Moore Auto Sales LLC;

•Ratify approval of non-terminal agreement between Polk County Sheriff’s Office and the district attorney’s office;

•Authorize Sitton to enter into non-terminal agreements with the Livingston, Corrigan, Onalaska and Alabama-Coushatta Police Departments, Texas Department of Public Safety and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department;

•Approve Law Enforcement ISO Claimsearch Access memorandum of understanding between the district attorney’s office and the National Insurance Crime Bureau;

•Approve resolution appointing directors to the Board of Directors of the IAH Public Facility Corporation;

•Approve request from the Office of Emergency Management to submit a grant application to the General Land Office’s Local Hazard Mitigation Plans Program; and

•Accept award of FEMA Public Assistance Grant 4485 funds in the amount of $175,714 for the reimbursement of COVID-related expenditures.

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The Polk County Retired Teachers Association recently met and the theme of the meeting was craft fun and hobby showcase. Carol McIntyre led the group in a craft, making flowers from crepe paper and lollipops. Then members of the group showed examples of crafts that keep them busy during retirement. The talents included sewing, crocheting, recycling greeting cards into gift boxes, making keepsake pillows from family quilts and basket weaving. PCRTA has many talented members, several of whom are also frequent travelers. One member shared her experience of attending the 2012 Olympic games in London. (l-r) Carol McIntyre, Mona Sheets, Brenda Peebles, Charlotte Hartley, Mary Gilbert Hunt, Bonnie Breaux, Etta Smith and Virginia Turner. Courtesy photo

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