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Luke (rt) and his good friend Larry Weishuhn are both in their mid seventies and still enjoying the great outdoors, maybe more now than ever! Photo by Luke Clayton
April 16, 2024


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Luke (rt) and his good friend Larry Weishuhn are both in their mid seventies and still enjoying the great outdoors, maybe more now than ever! Photo by Luke ClaytonThere was a time back when I was in my twenties and thirties that I thought I would be hanging…
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April 13, 2024

Close-to-home fun

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As an outdoors writer for the past 39 years, I’ve become accustomed to “gallavanting” around the country fishing, hunting and collecting material for my articles. Lately though, I’ve been sticking pretty close to home. Kenneth Shephard with a good “eater…

Polk County News - Breakout

Local veterinarian provides program

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By Emily Banks Wooten
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dr. Milton ThielDr. Milton ThielDr. Milton D. Thiel, a local veterinarian and Rotarian, recently provided a program for the Rotary Club of Livingston in which he discussed changes at his former clinic as well as new drugs that are available for veterinary issues.

After owning Arena Veterinary Clinic for many years, Thiel sold the practice to Dr. James D. Darden and is now semi-retired.

“There’s been a few changes at Arena Veterinary Clinic since changing ownership. You could say it’s gone into the 21st century,” Thiel said, adding that a lot of things in human medicine have made their way over to veterinary medicine.

Thiel explained how new technology allows the veterinarians to prepare slides to view stool samples and other things and that they can even count the number of parasite eggs.

“It’s in color and pretty amazing,” he said, adding that they can also now do needle aspirates to investigate tumors, lumps and bumps.

“We can now send it over the internet and know within a few hours what it is, whereas previously we had to put it in a box and mail it somewhere and in about 14 days we could find out what it was,” Thiel said.

“Also, with the new lab equipment that Dr. Darden’s brought in, such as digital X-rays, it makes diagnostics a whole lot easier,” Thiel said.

Segueing into the new drugs that are available for veterinary use, Thiel said there is one that has been out for a while called Cytopoint that is a monoclonal antibody. He said there is an enzyme that causes inflammation in dogs and Cytopoint works against the enzyme to neutralize it. He said it is an injection that lasts 4-8 weeks and that it is effective against canine atrophy, but not flea allergies or food allergies.

He said another is Apoquel and that it comes in tablet form and is a synthetic tyrosinase inhibitor. He said it only lasts for 24 hours, so he tells his patients to give it to the pet at night so they both can get some rest from the itching.

Thiel said the newest one is called Solensia, that it is another monoclonal antibody and that it works for osteoarthritis in cats. He said it is a shot that is given once a month and that approximately 77% of cat owners report improvement in their cat’s mobility after the shot. “This is a pretty significant breakthrough. We didn’t have anything for arthritis in cats,” he said.

“Over at Texas A&M there’s a doctor doing some research to figure out how to get the body to treat urinary tract infections. This researcher has found that copper has an adverse effect on bacteria so he’s trying to figure out how to get more copper in the urine,” Thiel said.
“I’ve heard old-timers talk about swallowing pennies, so maybe there’s something to it.”

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Families sought for food pantry

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FoodPantry STOCK

From Enterprise Staff

Fellowship in the Pines Church in Ace has begun holding a monthly food pantry in which they give out food to Polk County residents from 10 a.m. to noon on the third Thursday of each month.

The relatively new program is already serving approximately 86 families but is required to get to a 100-family minimum to qualify to continue the program.

Fellowship in the Pines Church is located at 1936 FM 2610.

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Commissioners to discuss drought index

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Polk County LogoThe Polk County Commissioners Court will discuss the status of the drought index in Polk County and consider any action regarding the use of fireworks for the July 4th firework season during its regular meeting at 10 a.m. Tuesday.

The appointment of two Polk County elected officials to serve on the Deep East Texas Council of Governments Board of Directors for the 2024-2025 term will be considered.

Action regarding the re-bid of #2023-11, for the removal and replacement of windows at the Dunbar Complex located at 1114 N. Dogwood Ave. in Livingston and the disposal of all debris, will also be considered.

The Court will consider approval of an agreement with BDO USA, LLP for forensic auditing and forensic technology services.

A request from the Precinct 1 commissioner for an exemption from the Polk County RV Park regulations to permit two RVs on personal property for private use, per an affidavit from the landowner, will be discussed and considered for approval.

The Court will consider approval of a road and bridge equipment lease/purchase through Interlocal Purchasing Systems, thereby satisfying the competitive bidding requirements, pursuant to East Texas Mack Sales L.L.C. quotations for:

The purchase of eight new 2024 Mack GR64F cab and chassis units (with M-drive, ox dumpbodies and pintle hitches) at $166,040 each with a 12-month trade allowance of $151,040 each unit, assuming each trade-in unit meets all trade terms, to be paid from the road and bridge capital leases fund;

The trade/buyback of six 2023 and two 2022 Mack GR64F trucks at $126,000 each for the units currently leased by each road & bridge precinct, assuming each trade-in unit meets all trade terms; and

A resolution authorizing execution of an agreement with Cadence Equipment Finance, a division of Cadence Bank, relating to the estimated June purchase of road and bridge equipment, eight new 2024 Mack GR64FR cab and chassis units equipped with dump bed (to include the trade-in of six 2023 units and two 2022 units and authorizing the county judge to execute said agreement/s on behalf of the county.

An executive session is on the agenda for the Court to discuss and consider action regarding the purchase of real property. Any action, however, will be taken upon return to open session.

In personnel matters, the Court will review and consider personnel action form requests submitted by department heads since the last meeting and review any authorized emergency hirings. The Court will also approve the governor’s bond and oath of office for the appointed tax

assessor-collector for the term beginning June 1, 2023.

Fiscal year 2023 budget revisions and amendments, as presented by the county auditor’s

Office, will be considered for approval.

In old business, the Court will discuss and consider approval of an amendment to the agreement with Integrated Prescription Management for indigent healthcare programs and will also discuss and consider any necessary action regarding the fiscal year 2024 employee benefits, specifically, employee health coverage - major medical.

During information reports, the Court will recognize the recipients of the Polk County Commissioners Court Bobby Smith Memorial Scholarship, sponsored by Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson, and the recipients of the law enforcement scholarship, sponsored by Management & Training Corporation, operators of the lAH Secure Adult Detention Facility.

The Court will also receive notice of a public hearing from the City of Livingston scheduled for June 13 regarding the annexation of 34.04 acres of the M.L. Choate A-15 and

Bridger Hobbs A-327 surveys at 617 FM 350 South.

Items on the consent agenda include:

Approve minutes of the May 30 regular meeting;

Approve the schedules of bills;

Approve an order designating surplus property;

Receive and record personnel action forms submitted by elected officials since the last meeting;

Approve renewal of interlocal agreement with Texas Association of Counties risk management pool and application for provision of insurance coverages to include workers compensation, auto (physical damage and liability) and general public officials, law enforcement liabilities;

Approve renewal of the host agency agreement with Motivation Education & Training NSRC (Met) for the senior community service employment program for July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2024;

Approve the lease agreement renewing supplemental county parking at 321 N. Beatty Ave.;

Approve an amended and restated memorandum of understanding with the Piney Wood Lakes Chapter of the Texas Master Naturalists, the East Texas Electric Cooperative, Inc. and Polk County for the beneficial management of natural resources at the East Texas Electric Cooperative Hydroelectric Plant Gazebo;

Approve an amendment to the funding agreement with the Texas Historical Commission for the Polk County Courthouse restoration grant;

Receive donation from the Polk County Higher Education & Technology Foundation equivalent to the Polk County Commerce Center property insurance renewal;

Approve the submittal of a request to the state comptroller for unclaimed rural electric cooperative capital credits;

Accept fiscal year 2023 indigent defense formula grant No. 212-23-187;

Approve a road use agreement between Polk County Precinct 4 and Umbriel (H. Brown Inc.); and

Rescind the order abandoning San Francisco in Precinct 1 and add it to the master street address guide.

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Toni Cochran-Hughes, president of the board of directors of Polk County Cares (PCC), recently spoke to the Livingston Lions Club. The organization hosts an annual crawfish and shrimp boil fundraiser. This year they cooked 1,500 pounds of crawfish, 475 pounds of shrimp and served 560 people, raising a total of $129,664. Funds raised from this year’s event were split three ways between F.A.I.T.H. Military Support Group, Center of Hope Cancer Ministry and PCC board-approved non-profit organizations. Next year’s event is slated for Feb. 10. PCC will hold its annual fish fry on July 1 at 125 Indian Hills Blvd. in Livingston. Follow their Facebook page for more information. (l-r) Lion Joseph Pedigo, Hughes and Lion President Kim Jernigan. Courtesy photo

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Teachers PCE

Teachers of the Year in the Livingston Independent School District were selected and recognized at the end of the school year. Renae Miksch was named Pine Ridge Primary School Teacher of the Year. Kimberly Munson was named Cedar Grove Elementary School Teacher of the Year and LISD Elementary Teacher of the Year. Karen Butler was named Creekside Elementary School Teacher of the Year. Delona Novak was named Timber Creek Elementary School Teacher of the Year. Melanie Rogers was named Livingston Junior High School Teacher of the Year. Sarah Ege was named Livingston High School Teacher of the Year and LISD Secondary Teacher of the Year. (l-r) Miksch, Munson, Butler, Novak, Rogers and Ege. Courtesy photos

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