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What we’re hearing and what we’re missing

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FromEditorsDesk Tony CroppedBy Tony Farkas
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Bread and circuses is a phrase most commonly associated with the Roman Empire, something that the nation’s leaders gave the masses which distracted them from what’s really going on, or what’s really important.

So in this week’s installment of pathos designed to hide whatever house fire is happening, President Trump most likely will have been arrested and indicted on a charge of something.

The political nature of this is palpable, designed to distract us from the flailing policies of the current administration while at the same time putting the brakes on a possible presidential run by Trump.

So what’s been going on? Pick your problem.

I still read more than one story, and focus on more than one issue when I cruise the news. I found several things, most notably our government taking another swipe at our household appliances.

Yep, here we go again. You remember that President Biden decided that gas stoves are another significant cause to global warming/climate change and detrimental to polar bears, and decided to ban them. Now, your washing machine is evil and must be destroyed, since it uses entirely too much water.

Biden has been pondering an executive order to require all new washing machines to be designed to use half the water of normal machines.

Anyone with a brain will realize that half the water will either mean twice the loads or twice the wash, which also will mean just as much if not more water will be used, and won’t that be just another large load on the already-taxed electrical grid (since you’ll have an electric stove because reasons).

Another one we may be missing is the admission by Hunter Biden that the Biden family receiving payments out of China in 2017, quite a bit in fact — $1.3 million apiece, according to his statements. Unca Joe, however, says that’s not true.

Hunter Biden also filed suit against the owner of the repair shop that released the questionable laptop to authories, claiming it was a violation of his privacy. However, since the shop had a policy of taking ownership of items left after a certain period of time, technically it belonged to the shopkeeper. What’s more interesting in this is Hunter, by filing this suit, has admitted that the laptop actually was his, which up until now he had been adamantly denying.

There also is the nightmare of inflation that still steadfastly refuses to go away; the never-ending war in the Ukraine which the U.S. is financing, at least on the part of Zenlenskyy; COVID vaccines, which have come under fire for being ineffective, are now found to possibly cause disabilities; and the Assistant Trans-Secretary for Health for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is claiming that gender assignment surgery should become normalized.

If the government’s role is to protect it’s citizens, and if it truly followed the framework set up by the Founding Fathers, then instead of distraction it would work toward solutions that benefit this country, not others, and solve the political divide through cooperation and communication, not upping the ante through criminal investigations.

Or, as is the case nowadays, swordfights will take the place of presidential elections, and debates will take on a whole new dimension.

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