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Horace McQueen ColumnBy Horace McQueen

Finding the medications for restoring animal health is becoming a chore, according to Judy Jenkins who operates Star 23 farm near Oakwood. Judy was searching for some medications that will be more difficult to buy once June rolls around. A new law will require a veterinarian to either sell the product or write a prescription for the customer to obtain the product elsewhere. Judy believes this new law will make it more costly for farmers raising livestock. She is trying to lay in a supply of the products before June rolls around. She says most livestock farmers without an affiliation with a local vet may find it more expensive to buy some animal health needs come June. If you can, it would be advisable to visit with a local vet and discuss the upcoming situation.

And from Polk County, down Livingston way, Pam Nobles reports the county sheriffs’ office is good to work with. She said the officers investigate promptly calls of animal mistreatment. Hopefully law enforcement in your city or county takes action on every report of animal abuse and mistreatment.

Most cattle farmers could be dollars ahead to sell any surplus hay—if they could arrange delivery to the buyer. With hay in many parts of Texas selling for $150 a bale--or more—it takes dedication to pay the price. The best we can hope for is an early spring and lots of hay to be made this year! The trucking factor is a big hurdle to overcome when moving hay long distance. At $3 a mile for trucking, a trip of 500 miles adds $1,500 to cost of the hay.

With grocery prices continuing their rise, it’s time for spring gardening. With a little sweat and a few dollars for seed, lots of produce can be raised even in a small garden area. Peas, potatoes, tomatoes—they are not difficult to raise and can cut the food bill considerably. Back in the “olden times”, people didn’t depend on “government” to put food on their tables. Now some folks think someone owes them food and other necessities. That’s –30—This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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