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Down To The Wire!

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Horace McQueen Column

by Horace McQueen

Finally, an end—hopefully—to the name calling, rudeness, outright lies and plain idiocy from both Republicans and Democrats that characterized this years’ election cycle. Most of us chose candidates we felt will do their best to keep America on track. The new wrinkle in Texas voting this year was elimination of straight party voting. Agitators belly ached that it was “a violation of their rights” by doing away with straight party voting. My view is that it was high time voters had to mark their choice of a selected candidate or leave blank a vote for or against. Why vote for a candidate whose sole claim to running for office is the political party displayed on the ballot.

A frequent comment by leaders in the Democrat party calls for shutting down our oil and gas industry. The threat is real and would wreck much of Texas, Oklahoma and other states that produce the oil and gas supplying our nation. Don’t these clowns ever consider that taxpayer subsidized solar and wind energy outfits can’t generate the energy we need? If the winds don’t blow, if the sun doesn’t shine, that negates their power producing capabilities.

Meantime, the business of producing food for our citizens is in the hands of our farmers and ranchers. And those operators are facing obstacles of their own. Labor is a critical issue.  For those getting taxpayer dollars for housing, food, education and all sorts of other handouts, why should they get their hands dirty by working? Makes sense to most of us that working to put food on the table and a roof overhead should be a requirement for any freebies! That’s –30—for this go-round!  Horace McQueen, Queensdale Farm, Latexo, Texas

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