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The fallacy of limited perception

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FromEditorsDesk TonyBy Tony Farkas
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There’s a lot of misperception out and around the country — probably the world — about the state of things and how we deal with that.

For instance, a good friend of mine, who does live in Liberal Land, said he recently had to pay $6.09 per gallon of gas, but he was OK with that, since his perspective on the matter was that the rest of the world was getting just as hammered at the pump as he was.

In coming to that conclusion, he of course was of the perception that it was the oil companies that were responsible for gouging us customers, which is why we have such high gas prices.

The problem with this perception is two-fold: it’s been well-established that oil companies are suffering losses themselves in trying to keep prices down, and the reason things are spiraling out of control is the government has laid its hand on things, which never ends well.

By denying exploration, shutting down new leases and killing the Keystone Pipeline, it put a crimp in the supply of oil, and everyone knows that low supply plus high demand means high prices.

The excuses are further hampered by the fact that at one point, the problem with gas prices was Putin’s fault. Now it’s oil companies, which prompted our Fearless Leader to head to Saudi Arabia to beg for more oil.

I’ve dealt with that in the past; we have the means to be energy independent, and keep our prices low, but the efforts are being strangled. One of the administration’s talking heads even had the audacity to demand oil companies increase production, even threatening repercussions, while at the same time hampering their efforts.

Yet, the perception is that it’s the oil companies at fault here.

Same thing with COVID vaccinations. It’s been recently reported that Dr. Anthony Fauci has yet again tested positive for the disease, and of course, he’s feen fully vaccinated and boosted ad nauseum.

Many out there are still trumpeting the efficacy of vaccinations still, as well as masking (the federal government is thinking of reinstituting the flight mask mandate), because their perception is that vaccinations are effective.

Yet another friend is still claiming that his state legislators will have blood on their hands if the same event that happened in Uvalde happened in his state — meaning that his perception is that the only way to stop gun violence is to remove guns.

It’s also been proven the shooter in Uvalde was able to acquire his weapons illegally; he was a felon and could not purchase a firearm.
The perception of many is that banning things will solve the problem, like banning guns will stop violence, and banning pipelines and oil exploration will solve climate change, and that ineffective vaccinations will stop the proliferation of COVID.

This perception is absent facts, and that’s only part of the problem. We as a society are gradually becoming Orwellized; we’re told the like, over and over again, and steadfastly believe and relate it even in the face of contradictory facts.

The government, which tripped over its first bid at an office of disinformation rebuttal, is coming at the problem from a different angle, claiming that it will fight abuse and disinformation via a task force led by Vice President Kamala Harris.

This is from people who are claiming that $6 a gallon gas, empty store shelves and 8 percent inflation is good for the economy.
What happened to the people who were free-thinking? What happened to people who could stand on their own, living their lives without the training wheels and helmets of government?

Freedom of thought still exist, for the time being, and it, like every other human action, needs exercise in order to function at peak efficiency. In other words, leave the Kool-Aid for others, and make a decision about your life based on as many facts as you can get.

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