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Accentuate the positive in ‘22

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Cris Column graphic-twenty one was, in a sense, like a baby doll without a face.

To give that statement some context, I read somewhere a philosopher’s postulation that the scariest type of baby doll was one sans face; the reason being, that all manner of fears could be projected upon it in that form. 

With the seemingly endless series of disasters on the worldwide level that the preceding year was, 2021 was, by and large, a ball of unknowing, going into it. As humans, as we are wont to do, we projected our fears upon a fresh year; wondering what manner of disastrous outcome awaited.

Twenty-twenty two will be better. It just will be. It has to be. 

If you’re reading this, you survived another year; we survived. Going into this fresh batch of 365 calendar squares (or rectangles, depending on the layout) there is, as defined by said date-measuring device, that many opportunities to do one’s best. Well, as of this writing, make that 355 opportunities.

I view time as something existing outside the confines of calendars or gauged by timepieces, but for this scrawling’s sake, I’ll use the calendar model. 

There will be history made this year, that goes without saying, but whether our species encounters huge, defining incidents, or mere footnotes in the annals to come, will have to be seen.

This is a big year as far as politics go, with mid-term elections and whatnot. I don’t know what the future holds for our great state and country insofar as legislation goes and who will be writing said legislation. In my opinion, it does not belong to those who truck in silly distractions like critical race theory, though. 

I cannot tell you which street gang, er, I mean major political party, will reign supreme in the chambers of Congress in D.C., and at this point I’ve divorced a lot of my interest in such. Oh sure, we’ll still cover politics and elections in these pages, but as for me, personally, I’m endeavoring to not letting such topics dominate my day-to-day.

The future belongs to us all, but there is hope seen in the youth of the area. If you need any positive affirmation, look at all of the great things that many of them are doing. 

Folks like my buddy Andrew Harmon, as well as Woodville High School’s dynamic duo of Kesean and Kevon Paire, signal that our future is in good hands. I’m proud of them, as well as all the other great young people who have excelled in all manner of endeavors and continue to make Tyler County proud. 

Do something good, or try to, each day, and not just for yourselves (though you deserve it) but for others. Kind words and acts of service allow one to, as Bing Crosby sang, “accentuate the positive” with greater ease.

Every year is like a faceless baby doll when it boils down to it, but instead of fears, let’s all work to project goals and enlightenment onto the empty calendar spaces. 

Let’s all do our best in 2022, and in the words of the late, great Warren Zevon, enjoy every sandwich.

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