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Link Jaylon Smith told Cowboys media to watch the film from his 2020 campaign. They did. They're worried. Can new defensive coordinator Dan Quinn channel a more successful 2021 for the linebacker?

The Chiefs, who were 11-4 with Alex Smith as their starter in 2016, moved from pick 27 to 10 for Mahomes in 2017. Mahomes has led the team to two consecutive Super Bowl appearances and three straight AFC title games.

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The Detroit Lions swapped Matthew Stafford for the Los Angeles Rams' Jared Goff, a pair of future first-round picks and a third-rounder this year, and the Philadelphia Eagles traded Carson Wentz to the Indianapolis Colts for a third-round pick this year and a conditional 2022 second-round pick that could turn into a first-rounder.NFL Baltimore Ravens Team Face Coverings

Following that loss, Roethlisberger and others were seen walking off the field in tears. At that moment, it truly felt like he had played his last game for the organization. Throughout the offseason, however, more and more optimism has grown of late that he’d be back for at least one more year. Things only grew when Roethlisberger met with team president Art Rooney II this week.NFL Washington Redskins (Football Team) Team Face Coverings

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The scenario is highly unlikely. Even in 2008, when Brett Favre wanted to return to the Green Bay Packers, who had already moved on to Aaron Rodgers, the NFC North club wasn’t about to trade him to a division rival, which is how Favre landed with the New York Jets. In a similar vein, the Texans probably won’t deal Watson to a division rival. The possibility of facing him in the AFC is scary enough.NFL New York Jets Team Face Coverings

Now, feel free to respond with: “Weight doesn’t matter! Size doesn’t matter, unless it’s the size of his throbbing heart or competitive spirit!” Go ahead and believe that; it will get you lots of Likes on Twitter. The fact remains that 180 pounds is a dangerous threshold for an NFL player.

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"Former Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow’s NFL career is more than likely over, but the former Heisman winner and University of Florida superstar may have a future in politics. In an interview with Fox and Friends, Tebow said he finds the idea of running for political office intriguing."NHL Team Logo Face Coverings Shop

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