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updated 9:21 AM, Oct 22, 2020 America/Chicago
  • Did you know?

    did you knoePHOTO BY YVONNE CONES The Coldspring community center is open for operation.

    By Yvonne Cones

    Did you know that Coldspring Community Center is open for business? This is the center at 101 E. Cedar Ave. near the courthouse and not the community shelter recentlybuilt.The Coldspring Center was created by a small group of residents who saw the need for a meeting place for the community. It is 65 years old.

    Beside it, a piece of land was developed into a beautiful garden by San Jacinto County Master Gardeners. It is the perfect place for small weddings (80 guests approx.), parties, events, anniversaries, and meetings.The Garden Club has been meeting there for two months or so, socially distanced and masked, and it is very affordable. For a full day, the cost is $150; $90 for half a day with a deposit of $250.

    This is fully refundable after leaving the premises in good condition. Call 936-433-6783 or go to Facebook.

    Things are moving along even with the pandemic. Workforce Solutions will hold a virtualjob fair on Nov. 5, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. They are looking for employers who want to hire people and also people who will host sites for applicants.

    Some will be able to use library computers, but some do not own a computer and cannot get to a library and will need help. Call Misty Spears at 936-327-5421 ext 5634.

    I wrote before about the webinars and courses run by the Small Business Development Center. They held a webinar for business owners this week on “Cyber Security For YourBusiness.”

    These subjects come round on a regular basis, so call and ask for details. On Oct. 28 the title is “Restaurant Reality - Digital Age of Marketing.” These webinars are free. Go to their website to register.

    K & C Fleur - Creative Cooking are based in Shepherd and deliver delicious meals to your home in the area. Their Facebook pages show some tempting photos of the meals they serve, they specialize in Cajun cuisine and salads.

    Courtney Taylor who runs the business with her husband is very community-minded and will hold a Cancer Awareness Benefit at Shepherd Gazebo Square next to the Fire Station on Oct. 24 from noon to 5 p.m. You can order on line or call 936-252-2736.

    Saturday, Dec. 5, will be Shepherd's Christmas Event. This year we hope to make it the best ever with the help of the community and Children’s Impact Center, Pastor Branch, and his church, and Shepherd ISD.

    The Impact Center will kick off the day with a Chili Cook-Off and will hold various contests for Best Dressed Pets, as well as adults, in Best Christmas Dress-Up, Best Sunday Best, and Children’s Dress ups. There is a lot more being planned.

    Contests for Best Decorated Business and Vehicle are also on the list. Call 936-499-2632 or 936-628-6397.

    Entry forms are available at the Impact Center Resale Shop and from Shepherd Chamber.

  • San Jacinto Sheriff’s office makes moves

                                   From left, Larry Pohlmeyer, Tim Kean and Charles Dougherty all have new positions at the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office. Kean was promoted from lieutenantof the detective division to chief deputy, Pohlmeyer was promoted from sergeant of the detective division to lieutenant of the same division, and Dougherty moved from the Criminal Investigation Division to patrol.

    By Jason Chlapek

    SAN JACINTO COUNTY — A trio of deputies with the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office moved into new positions earlier this month.Tim Kean was promoted to chief deputy to replace Dan Todd, who retired after a 35-year career in law enforcement, including the last five with the SJCSO.

    Sergeant Larry Pohlmeyer was promoted to lieutenant of the detective division — the same position Kean held prior to his promotion — and Charles Dougherty moved to patrol from the criminal investigation division.“It’s going from a piece of the pie to the whole pie,” Kean said of his promotion. “I never had a big aspiration to do that. It just worked out that way through the years.”

    Pohlmeyer, a 35-year law enforcement veteran, has been with the SJCSO for three years. He was previously with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office for 32 years.

    “It’s a fresh drink of water to be here (in San Jacinto County),” Pohlmeyer said.Dougherty has been with the SJSCO for two years and in law enforcement for seven. He’s split his time between patrol and CID.

    “There’s a good group of guys here and I’ve had the pleasure of working with all the shifts,” Dougherty said. “It’s a little different environment when I went back from CID. I’m back here on patrol and it’s good to be back working with these guys. They’re good guys. We have a lot of good plans and ideas that we’re going to try to bring forward and hopefully have a successful future for this county, this department and this agency.”

    Kean also has plans for SJCSO moving forward.“We’re going to try to bring a much better service here for the people who live in this county and make do the best we can with what we have because we don’t have a very large budget,” he said. “We’re going to squeeze every bit we can out of every dollar.”

  • Todd hangs it up after 35-year career

                                   Retiring San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Dan Todd (left) receives a plaque of appreciation from Sheriff Greg Capers during a retirement ceremony for Todd on Oct. 2 in Coldspring. Todd retired after a 35-year career.

    By Jason Chlapek

    SAN JACINTO COUNTY— When Dan Todd left the Houston Police Department after 30 years in 2015, he didn’t expect to get back in law enforcement.He had the opportunity a few months later to join the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Department. After five years with the department, Todd is riding out into the sunset — again.

    Todd’s 35-year career came to an end on Oct. 2. A reception for the Point Blank resident took place that day at Paradise Grille in Coldspring.

    “When I came up here and built a house thinking I was going to retire, but after six months, I missed it and went to work for Sheriff (Greg) Capers,” Todd said. “I believed ineverything they were doing.”Todd held the title of Chief Deputy at the SJCSO. Capers talked about his retiring Chief Deputy as well.“Dan was a real good officer,” Capers said. “He has the highest integrity and I trusted him. That’s the reason why he was my chief. I wouldn’t appoint anyone to be my chief if I didn’t fully trust them. I’ll miss his humor. He’s a cut-up and he brought a lot of laughter, fun and joy to the office.”Todd talked about his career as well. He did “a little bit of everything” during his 30 years with HPD and five with SJCSO.

    “In HPD, I was with the SWAT containment team, instructor at the academy, undercovernarcotics, I was everywhere. I moved all over,” Todd said. “At the sheriff’s office, I ran calls, I took complaints, I worked in the jail, in the streets, undercover — I did everything.”Todd enjoyed the multiple hats he wore during his career. He said it comes with the territory.“That’s what you’ve got to do when you come into a police job,” Todd said. “You’ve got to be almost like an actor. You’ve got to adjust and go with it and do it the best you can.”Todd had a viewpoint on citizens during his career. He plans on hanging on to that viewpoint in retirement.“There’s only two kinds of people — good and bad,” Todd said. “That’s the way I looked at it my whole career. I don’t care what color you are, just whether you’re good or bad.”

    Capers made a few promotions to fill Todd’s spot. Tim Kean moves from lieutenant of the detective division to chief deputy, Larry Pohlmeyer moves from sergeant of the detective division to lieutenant, and Charles Dougherty goes back to patrol.As for Todd, he has plans for his retirement. He’ll do a variety of activities.“I’m going to travel a little bit,” Todd said. “I want to travel to see my daughter in North Carolina and I have a bucket list of places I want to travel to. I’m going to mix it up. I also like running cows and I’ll do a little fishing. Last time I fished every day for six months and I got tired of fishing. I didn’t think you could get tired of fishing, but if you do it all the time, you do.”But, like last time, he might decide to go back.