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Closing the barn door behind the eight ball

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tony farkasFILE PHOTO Tony Farkas

By Tony Farkas

Gov. Greg Abbott last week issued the mandate to end all mandates by mandating that no government entity can mandate the use of masks.

Better late than never, I guess.

For the liberty-minded among us, this is something that has all the earmarks of government — at least at the state level — is headed in the right direction. It’s really nice to see that at least one politician understands that it is not them what holds the ultimate power over our lives, but us people do.

The issue for those that cherish liberty and individual freedom, though, is that it’s comes only after the fact.

The government did not hesitate in the least to issue the mask/social distancing/stay home-stay safe mandates the minute some unelected government flunky suggested it. (This is the same government flunky that been not only caught not wearing a mask, but has been shown to have opinions about the efficacy of mask use that are as varied as there are grains of sand on the Gulf.)

At one point, everyone was following the bizarre and ever-changing guidance of the Center for Disease Control, spurred on by the governments Czar of All Things COVID Dr. Anthony Fauci, chief medical advisor to President Biden and director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. (Note: still not elected.)

One mask, two mask, Pfizer shot, J&J not, everybody do the pandemic conga.

Because the hysteria even gripped Texas, Abbott followed suit. This is not to say that the pandemic should have been taken lightly; this is to say that there really wasn’t any authority for the action, not to mention no real evidence proving it would (or did) make a difference.

Because of those actions, he has drawn the attention of people who believe the mandates were short-sighted, and have now announced their attention to run for governor against him — even as conservatives.

It would be easy to believe, then, that the governor’s actions were self-serving, an act of preservation of a legacy, and a chance at re-election. While that may be the case, it also misses a critical point, in that the federal government doesn’t exhibit any inclination to honor states’ rights.

See, Unca Joe loves us, and will always lock us up and throw away the key to show that love, and will do so with a smile because he, after 40-plus years in government crafting things toward that end, the government is becoming the be-all, end-all for everything.

So the next time there’s a pandemic, guess what happens? The feds will clamp down, and force — passive-aggressively — states to comply by threatening federal funding for things like health care or hospitals or emergency services. Because as was pointed out so eloquently in “The Wizard of Id” so many years ago, they operate by the Golden Rule: “Whoever has the gold makes the rules.”

I do, I really do appreciate the governor’s gesture. However, the cynical elf that lives in my brain is laughing hysterically because he knows nothing will change with things as they are. Texas will always be independent, but it’s the feds that have usurped all power, because — everyone say it with me now — we let it happen.

Becoming comfortable with being taken care of, combined with nurturing propaganda and vilification of any opposition, has been going on so long it’s become ingrained in us that rebelling against tyrannical actions has become unthinkable.

In order for the governor’s actions to become something more than a token gesture, it needs to be the first domino in a chain that will ultimately right the American ship, putting it back on course. Individual liberties are paramount, and we’re not subject to the whim of people who “know what’s best for us” and the diktats that inevitably, inexorably follow.

Tony Farkas is editor of the San Jacinto News-Times. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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