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FarmAnimals STOCK

By Matthew R. March, MNRD
Polk County Extension Agent

Springtime is county stock show season for many 4-H and FFA students across the state. Polk County’s own local show, the Trinity Neches Livestock Show, will be occurring during March 27-31. I highly encourage everyone to get out and support the youth of the county by coming out to cheer them on during the show or Friday night at the auction.

For many first-time stock show visitors, the terminology can be confusing. While we all can tell the difference between a hog and lamb, many do not know the difference between barrow, gilt, ewe or wether. This week’s article will focus on terminology used to describe the different type of livestock seen both at local county shows and at farms across the state.

Cattle (Bovine)

•Bull, mature male

•Steer, castrated male

•Cow, mature female

Heifer, young female that has not yet had a calf

•Calf, immature young offspring

Swine (Porcine)

•Boar, mature male

•Barrow, castrated male

•Sow, mature female

•Gilt, young female

•Piglet, immature young offspring

Sheep (Ovine)

•Ram or buck, mature male

•Wether, castrated male

•Ewe, female sheep

•Lamb, a sheep less than one year of age

Goats (Caprine)

•Buck or billy, mature male

•Wether, castrated male

•Doe or nanny, female goat

•Doeling, immature female goat

•Buckling, immature male goat

•Kid, immature young offspring

Poultry (Aves)

•Rooster or cock, mature male chicken

•Tom, mature male turkey

•Cockerel, male chicken less than one year old

•Capon, castrated rooster

•Hen, mature female chicken or turkey

•Chick, newly hatched chicken

•Poult, young turkey

Pullet, young chicken less than six months old

•Boiler, a chicken that is raised for meat production

Rabbit (Leporidae)

•Buck, male rabbit

•Doe, female rabbit

•Kit or kitten, young rabbit

Now that you know farm animal terminology, make sure to support the youth of Polk County at the 2023 Trinity Neches Livestock Show. More information can be found on the website. https://www.tnlspolkco.com/

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