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101322 fishing report

B.A. Steinhagen
FAIR. Water stained; 80 degrees; 0.25 feet below. Fishing patterns continue to be steady. Look for fish to move shallower and feed as the water temperature declines. Bass are fair with topwaters in submerged vegetation and crankbaits along the edge of grass. Crappie are fair using minnows and jigs structures and brush piles. Catfish are good moving shallow biting cut and cheese bait.

Bob Sandlin
GOOD. Water clear; 72 degrees; 1.79 feet below. This is the time of year fish will be moving shallower and feeding heavily as the water temperature cools. Catfish are good on baited holes 15-20 feet of water using cheese bait. Crappie are good on brush and laydowns in 12-15 feet of water biting on minnow and jigs. Black bass are fair early using topwater baits or chatterbaits shallow. White bass fair on midlake humps with slabs or minnows. Report by Marty Thomas, Lake O the Pines Crappie Fishing.

GOOD. Water stained; 77 degrees; 0.36 feet above. Fishing is good in the river and bayou systems as the shad are starting to bunch up. A shad colored crankbait seems to be working best cranking along bank lines. If the fish are not biting moving bait, use Texas rig, dropshots and a spoons. The fall fishing patterns are beginning and will be fun and beautiful to fish for several weeks while the foliage turns red on this natural lake God spoke into existence. Report provided by Vince Richards, Caddo Lake Fishing & Fellowship.

GOOD. Slightly stained; 79 degrees; 2.27 feet below. The weather has been outstanding and fishing does not get much better than this. Catfish have been great from 10-30 feet of water on points, ledges and structure using catfish bubblegum, punch bait and liver. Landed a few trophy class fish this week on bubblegum and light tackle. Report by Brad Doyle with Bradley’s Guide Service. Crappie have been in 12-20 feet of water on structure and timber. Catching 1-4 fish per spot before moving using jigs, but minnows have been more aggressive. Hybrid stripers schools are growing in numbers as the water temperatures cool, but many catches continue to be undersized. Target flats in 12-21 feet of water. Black bass are in 5-14 feet of water using creature baits, crankbaits, swimbaits, as well as some jigs or minnows, close to or in structure. Always wear your life jacket. Report by Mike Cason, Fishical Therapy Lake Conroe Fishing Guide.

GOOD. Water Stained; 78 degrees; 6.74 feet low. Bass fishing is still slow but improving. Early mornings are fair targeting shallow water, 1-4 feet, on or near points with any wind using topwaters, Z-Man chatterbait, spinnerbaits, or 1.5-inch square bill crankbaits. In 5-12 feet of water near creeks and ditches use blue fleck worms with Carolina rigs or shaky heads. Report by Lake Fork fishing guide Marc Mitchell, Lake Fork Pro. The bass bite is slow right now. On shallow points use a walking topwater bait or Carolina rigged Lake Fork Trophy Lures Baby Ring Fry. On main lake humps and points in 12-15 feet of water work a dropshot. Report by Jason Hoffman, Lake Fork Guide Service. Fly fishing for bass is improving with sub-surface patterns during daylight and short topwater bite at last light. Fish are chasing shad shallow so keep a small topwater lure ready to go. Bream are fair with small poppers and beaded flies around boathouses. Catfish are fair shallow and around boathouses. Report by Guide Alex Guthrie, Fly Fish Fork Guide Service. Lake Fork surface water temperatures are reaching the low 70s already, and the crappie are biting great. White crappie are excellent suspended on the mid section of trees in 15-30 feet of water. Seeing lots of black crappie on some of those trees in 15-22 feet of water at the base of the trees. Still seeing tons of fish on brush piles and laydowns as well but those fish may be much more finicky and harder to catch. Minnows are still the go to bait on my boat each day but I’ve heard of some success on jigs as well. Report by Jacky Wiggins, Jacky Wiggins Guide Service.

Houston County
GOOD. Water stained; 80 degrees; 2.36 feet below. Largemouth bass are in 4-12 feet of water on docks and brush using square bill crankbaits, and shaky heads. Crappie are in 12-21 feet of water in brush and standing timber using minnows. Report by Colan Gonzales, DFW Fishing Guide Booking.com.

Lakie O The Pines
GOOD. Water lightly stained; 72 degrees; 0.82 feet low. This is the time of year fish will be moving shallower and feeding heavily as the water temperature cools. Catfish are good on baited holes 15-20 feet of water using cheese bait. Crappie are good on brush and laydowns in 12-15 feet of water biting on minnow and jigs. Black bass are fair early using topwater baits or chatterbaits shallow. Report by Marty Thomas, Lake O the Pines Crappie Fishing.

FAIR. Stained; 80 degrees; 0.69 feet low. White bass are fair to slow with the season winding down as the water cools. Catfish can be caught drifting with cut bait on main lake flats and open water. Crappie continues to be slow. Striped bass are slow. Gar are excellent on anything and anywhere in the lake. Largemouth bass are slow in 2-6 feet of water along the banks. Report by Jeff Friederick, Fishin’ Addiction Guide Service.

Martin Creek
GOOD. 81 degrees. Water lightly stained; 3.50 feet low. Martin Creek is a power plant lake with warm water and a current that affects the lake differently from others. The fall season will start later, usually bringing the fish shallow when the water temperature is closer to 70-degrees. Catching bass along the hydrilla with top water baits during a cold snap is not uncommon. When the weather cools fish will follow the warmer water staying shallow in 10-15 feet of water or less. During this time a Carolina rig works great for bass at the Scrapper Cut area on the lake. Large catfish can be found in the discharge using cut bait. Crappie tend to scatter out more instead of bunching up in schools under the bridge and old road bed at Dry Creek.

GOOD. Water lightly stained; 74-79 degrees; 3.85 feet low. Fish are starting to feed more throughout the day due to cooling water temperatures Bass are good shallow and on topwater lures during the morning as they chase bait up to grass edges. Crappie are good on minnows gathering on brush piles. They will slowly migrate to the main creek channel over the next few weeks. Use caution when running north of the highline. Lake levels continue to drop and more standing timber is soon to be exposed. There are also a few pieces of standing timber in the ski area south of the highline just under the surface. Use caution. Report by Blake Oestreich, Brushbuster Guide Service.

GOOD. Water clear to stained; 73 degrees; 1.00 feet low. Lake Naconiche has started the fall turnover, so water clarity is murky brown in most creek arm areas. Bass are transitioning to the fall patterns, so now is the time to start throwing your fall lures, jerkbaits, crankbaits, spinnerbaits, bladed jigs and rattle lures. The Crappie population is good. Catfish are slow. Report by Eric Wolfe, NacoTack Fishing Services. Report by Eric Wolfe, NacoTack Fishing Services.

GOOD. Water stained; 76 degrees; 4.00 feet low. Crappie are good on minnows. Catfish are fair on cut bait, and punch bait. Bass have been great on chatterbaits and buzz baits early, switching to Texas rigs later in the day.

Sam Rayburn
FAIR. Water stained; 76 degrees; 5.61 feet low. Bait fish are active in 18 feet of water attracting the bass. Bass are in the creek channels and points. Along grass edges throw topwater frogs, worms and crankbaits. Crappie are slowly migrating to the creeks and in 12-14 feet of water hanging on brush and timber in 27 feet of water. Catfish points and creek channels chasing bait cut bait and liver perch. White bass are schooling on flats biting small crankbaits and silver spoons. Report by Lynn Atkinson, Reel Um N Guide Service.

Toledo Bend
GOOD. Water stained; 75-77 degrees; 4.71 feet low. GOOD. The water level is 167.3 with no generators running. Water temperature at the Dam is 75-77 degrees with surface temperature around 60. This is the fifth week with no rainfall. The back feeder creeks are stained and muddy, and the main lake remains clear. The best fishing times this week has been at first light to mid-morning and at night during the full moon. There are two types of school Bass in the fall transition, one group will go shallow chasing and feeding on shad against the banks. Look for blue herons and white cranes feeding on baitfish and walking the bank. The second group of bass will remain deep but will congregate into bigger schools. For the shallow bite use a topwater baits such as, spooks, buzz baits and pop-r's, and �¼ ounce or ⅜ ounce spinnerbaits in white, chartreuse, and black in color. Try something different in water out to three feet by going back to the old single spin with a Colorado blade in silver for clear water and gold for muddy water, or square bill crankbaits in shad and perch imitation colors. For deeper bass, use a jigging spoon �½- 3/4 ounce in silver with a white or yellow accent tail feather, or deep diving crankbaits in citrus shad and Tennessee shad colors. The jig bite has been comingon strong on long tapering points dropping off into deep water best colors, black and blue, PB&J football jigs 3/8 - 3/4 ounce with a three inch matching color grub trailer, and a green pumpkin jig with the chuck tail dipped in chartreuse color. The full moon night bite has been producing quality fish using dark colored Texas rigged worms like a Berkley solid black power 7.5-inch ribbon tail worm or a Natural Forage Bait 7.5-inch mag trick worm in the South African special color casting around lighted boat docks and piers. Crappie bite has been picking up in 10-20 feet of water using small jigs and small minnows depending on the cloud cover and cooling night temperatures. Bluegills are still mixed in with Crappie in the brush piles and some are now being caught under boathouses and docks. Catfish are holding in 10-20 feet of water and have been also caught migrating up into the feeder creeks. Here's another Bass pattern if you are using a 5-8 WT fly rod, use a topwater foam white or black wiggle fish and sometimes cast a Dahlberg Diver in yellow/black color with a floating line; strip slowly and stop, pause, strip again or you can cast a crease fly shad color imitation; strip, strip, pause. The cadence can change daily. Some days they want the fly fast across the surface like chasing down a shad and other days they want it dead, motionless on the surface. While fishing from a boat or kayak, just take a minute to admire God's beauty, the changing of the foliage, the trees, the sunrise, the sunsets and the sounds and smells of the outdoors. Always leave the area better than you found it by picking up what you can. Good luck and tight lines! Report from Master Captain Steve (Scooby) Stubbe, Mudfish Adventures LLC, Orvis Endorsed Fishing Guide, Mudfish Rod Shop, Kayak Sales, and Rod Repair

FAIR. Water lightly stained; 78 degrees; 2.92 feet below. The bite has improved with the cooler water temperatures as the fish move shallower chasing bait. Catfish are good on liver and stink bait. Bass are good with crankbaits. Crappie are good in 10-16 feet of water on brush piles and submerged structures using live minnows. Bluegill are good mixed in with the crappie biting red worms. Report by Paul Taylor, The Boulders at Lake Tyler.

Wright Patman
GOOD. Water lightly stained; 79 degrees; 2.25 feet above. Catfish are good to fair on punch bait. White bass fishing has improved to good working tail spinners slowly. Seeing bigger sized fish being caught. Report by Brooks Tarkington, Lake Wright Patman Guide Service.


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