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Trinity completes water system diver inspection
Trinity Standard -


On Thursday, Trinity completed their dive inspection of City's water system. A diver inspected five of the six storage tanks for Trinity Water system. The diver inspected the tower behind the bank, north elevated tower, standing pipe storage, ground storage, and the submerged storage tank. Texas requires this annual inspection from every water department. The diver, Jay Thompson, who works for Tankdiver.us, did a visual on the sediment in each storage tank and is preparing a report for the city manager. If necessary, he will arrange to remove the sediment if the levels are too high. Draining tanks to inspect or clean them wastes a significant amount of water, thereby costing the community valuable time and money. After the water is pumped up from the 1,500 feet underground aquifer, the city treats it and sends it to the water storage tanks and towers where it waits to be used at your tap. Over time sediment builds up in these. Tankdiver.us uses commercial divers (also called line air because they are breathing surface supplied air on an umbilical line). They wear dry suits that completely seal them in their own environment. The diver is then washed down with a chlorine solution before entering the water supply. Thompson is a retired military hard hat diver and bomb disposal expert who enjoys his job. He didn't want to work behind a desk. His diver certification makes him a perfect fit for inspecting city water systems. He especially loves the small towns because of the views. He said one of the perks is that he gets a birds eye view of every town where he does inspections.


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