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Christmas at the Cross
Trinity Standard -


By Dr. Sharon Schuetz

Christmas at the Cross, Saturday, December 2, 2017, is going to be an amazing time for Trinity. Chamber president, Julia McMichael, and her team have put a lot of work into organizing and arranging this annual celebration. While we're all busy during the holiday season, this is the one time that our community can come together and celebrate the joy of the season while looking forward to next year and beyond, into the future. This will be my first Christmas Tree lighting ceremony in Trinity, although I've lived here for nine years. I regret having missed the past eight. However, I will enjoy this one immensely. Sometimes we forget how blessed we are as a community, as a Texan, and as Americans. We see so much heartbreak and sadness through social media and the news we risk becoming desensitized to death and destruction, pain and suffering of others. It's easy to forget how blessed we are. Most of us have never experienced suffering as have millions across the globe. We might lose our job or suffer rejection from a loved one, but eventually, we pick ourselves up and move on. We still have the freedom to choose what will impact our lives and family. We can make our own memories and traditions, choosing things that will instill life building habits through the influence of good people. The Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony is an important tradition in a town like Trinity. We may have hundreds of "friends" on social media, but with which ones do we spend time? In today's social mediadriven world, it's easy to forget what a real connection with another human being feels like. The Hallmark movie, "Northpole," stars Tiffani Thiessen who plays a reporter who works with her son, his teacher, and an elf to restore the Christmas tree lighting ceremony in their new community. Through a lot of work, they managed to pull it off and save Christmas. At the end of the movie Thiessen made the following observation: "With a few keystrokes on a computer, we convinced ourselves that we have communicated. By believing that that's enough, we lose sight of the importance of human contact and the joy of gathering together as a community. That's what's so wonderful about this special holiday. It provides an opportunity for fellowship, a chance to truly touch our family, friends, and neighbors for the generosity of heart and spirit. And if you ask me, It's nothing short of miraculous." That's what the Christmas at the Cross can be on December 2, 2017. It will offer us a chance for us touch one another and bring encouragement to our friends and neighbors in a world that's has grown hungry for real human contact. That's why I will be there, and I'm sure we'll be seeing you there


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