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Trinity, a heart of giving this Thanksgiving
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By Leroy Brown

Matthew told the story about the feeding of the 5000. The multitude had followed Jesus in his teachings and were quite a distance from their homes. They were tired and hungry. Jesus told his disciples to "give them something to eat." The Scriptures tell us there were over 5000 people in the multitude and when they all had eaten there were 12 baskets of food remaining. In our community of Trinity at Thanksgiving and Christmas, an effort is made on the part of so many to try and at least provide some food to those who are less fortunate. The annual food basket is held every year during this season and families who have need can apply to receive a basket of food ingredients and a turkey or hen for their holiday. Families register at the gathering place a couple of weeks in advance and apply for the baskets. Local businesses, individuals and churches pool their resources and purchase the items necessary to provide a box for each family. Another group of workers have fundraisers in the early fall to raise funds to purchase toys for those families with children. This community effort has been going on for 34 years. Last year there were about 400 boxes. This year we signed up 350. The boxes contain flour, sugar and meal, an assortment of canned goods and fruit that may be available. In early November of each year local churches participate in the program "Samaritan's purse." Local believers fill shoeboxes with little items that children can use. Toothbrushes, hairbrushes, wash cloths, and soap are included along with pencils small notebooks, individual games, and items that will fit in a small box. These boxes are then gathered at a local church and prepared for shipment. They leave Trinity to be taken to hundreds of villages across our world. This program identifies America as a loving, benevolent, society wanting to help those who need help in the name of Jesus Christ. Well over 1000 boxes were gathered at a local church to be shipped out this week. By the time all the boxes are gathered there will be over 1 million distributed to needy children. Locally, the Good Samaritan house has been providing clothing, shoes and furniture items available to those in our community who need help. This program started over 35 years ago and is operated by the volunteer work of people from different churches. Another working group in our community is Loaves and Fishes. This group works with the surplus food in our state in order to distribute items of necessity to families in need. Again, we have a group of volunteers who give of their time and energy to assist those in need. As you can see from these reports, the people in our community do not turn a deaf ear toward those in our community who are less fortunate. This multitude of volunteers do not do this in order to be recognized for their benevolence, but rather with a heart that says "if you need help we will do our best." As you read the Scripture quoted above, it is clear that none of this effort was done to draw attention to Christ and his disciples, nor to establish a regular source of supply for the community. There was a need. Jesus and his disciples met that need. With all our problems, confusion and arguments, America is still the most benevolent, caring nation in our world. God grant us the wisdom to even do more for those in need.


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