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Richard "Racehorse" Haynes dies in Trinity
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Famed Texas lawyer Richard "Racehorse" Haynes passed away April 28, 2017, at his private residence in Trinity, Texas. He was 90 years old. Over the course of his long and eventful career, Haynes was renowned for his legal expertise and widely known for his eccentricities and colorful nature. At the age of 17, Haynes joined the United States Marine Corps, where he was awarded for heroism during the Battle of Iwo Jima. Some years later, in 1956, Haynes graduated from the University of Houston Law Center and began his career in law. In 1971, Haynes gained national attention after successfully defending a prominent plastic surgeon, John Hill, who was on trial for allegedly withholding medical attention from his wife and poisoning her with E. coli. The trial and aftermath was highly sensational, resulting in a controversial mistrial, Hill's eventual murder, and a police shootout that claimed the life of the hitman hired to kill him. There are currently two books and one feature film based on these events. Due to his highly desired talents, Haynes did not stay out of the public eye. In 1976, Haynes again successfully defended T. Cullen Davis, the wealthiest man to ever be indicted for murder in the United States. In 1981, Haynes was hired to defend Vickie Daniel, a waitress accused of murdering a her husband, the former Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives, a case that he also won, seemingly against all odds. In 1985, Haynes also briefly defended Morganna Roberts under much lighter circumstances, when she was arrested for trespassing onto the field during a Houston Astros game and kissing multiple players, though this case was dropped before going to trial. All through his career, Haynes maintained a cheerful, elaborate, and highly successful style of defending. His methods were studied, praised, and often criticized. After years of declining health, he quietly passed away Friday morning, in the company of loved ones.


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