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IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Nelson Jurecka
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By Dr. Sharon Schuetz

What all one must do is mention that he needs something cooked and his mind starts churning out recipes. He loves to cook, and he loves to watch people enjoy his meals. Nelson Jureka loves to hunt, shoot and talk. But mostly he loves to cook, and he usually does it very well. The culinary school paid off for Nelson. Tuesdays and Fridays are Soup Kitchen nights at Burning Hope Baptist Church, and you can always find him in the industrial kitchen coming up with some new concoction. Soup Kitchen is a time of relaxing where church members and people who wander in off the street, find a time of fellowship, great food, and banter. With a heart as big as Texas, Nelson has developed the knack of procuring and supplying surplus food that is given away through the church. With his wife, Sherry, who helps him in the kitchen, the Jurekas have ministered to hundreds throughout the years. People who drop by Burning Hope will often find him in the kitchen, chopping, stirring, packing food away for the freezer, or cleaning and organizing "his kitchen." On Sundays, when he's not cooking, he can be found on the platform, with a mic, helping with the singing. In fact, you can pretty much find him helping someone wherever he is.


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