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IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Trinity's Citizens
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By Sheran Casey

It is so hard to know where to start, with so many, giving so much, to help so many hurting people. Trinity and Trinity County has, and willcontinue to come through once again. Our friends, neighbors, and family dug deep into their pockets and into their hearts. They gave of themselves even when they thought there was no strength left to give. And, they will continue to do so. This community has a friend in the remarkable, caring, "giving- to-the-community," Dan (Bubba), Barnes. His dream to turn a vacant building into a Community Enhancement Facility is a reality because of his giving selfless nature. Now Trinity has a place to house the items people donated for Harvey relief. Dan commented, "This is what Mickey's House was designed for." In Mickey's House, Dan Barnes has given us a treasure. The love our friends and neighbors poured out this past week was unbelievable. When someone posted a notice that we would be taking donations at Mickey's House, volunteers were on board. People showed up without asking for help. They sorted, stacked, and organized, and worked until they were about to drop. Then they reached deep inside of themselves and found the extra strength to keep going…and going…and going. It was hard to believe that all this could be done. The donations were enormous. Dan Barnes got through this grueling week, helped bring in donations, and did whatever was needed while he did his law enforcement work. Shoa Zilch was there with her amazing organizational skills, calming spirit, and know-how. If Rena Tempel even thinks there's a need she shows up and works circles around the rest of us. She gives of herself through her get-it-done spirit. The list goes on and on. Durinda Stansell, Mickey Adkins, Jodi, Riley and Emily Adkins, Charla Moffett, Tabitha Mullenix, Joe Tempel, Jason Zilch, Jaime Moffett, Charlie Stansell, Tina Rahme, Tammy Muir, JoAnn Kennedy, Donna Schauer, Florencia Lewin Cleburn, Sharon Schuetz, Michael Schuetz, Jeremiah Edwards, Kaitlin Edwards, Mohsin, Kazim and Ali Razvi, Michael Moffett, Stephanie Moffett, Royce Ball, Penny and Richard Ferguson, Mike Burkhalter, Connie Fogel, and Sally Jo Harrington are just a few of the volunteers that were in Mickey's House this week. This is not an exhaustive list because we can't remember all the names. Travis Artherholt came in from out of town to help with hurricane relief. Between helping in the county, he made time to help at Mickey's House, carrying, loading, moving donations. Travis was instrumental developing Mickey's House. He's participated in many of its functions. Now, he took part in the core of the reason for its creation. The community met needs as they were exposed. When people stopped coming in with needs, we shipped the remaining donations given at Mickey' House to shelters down south. After we sent everything south, more people came forward needing help, so Mickey's House geared back up into full operation, and we are even now gathering supplies for those who are in need. The volunteers ask, please don't bring in clothes, but the needs are many for supplies and essentials. There is a comprehensive list of what's needed, posted on What's Happening in and Around Trinity County. Thank you, Trinity and Trinity County for giving. Without your generosity, many hurting people would be suffering much worse after the devasting losses they experienced from Harvey.


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