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IN THE SPOTLIGHT: David & Connie Price
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By Dr. Sharon Schuetz

To the undiscerning eye, the adage, "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade," would pretty much sum up David and Connie Price's life. Life tried to hand them lemons 27 years ago when their autistic son, Will, was born; however, they knew better. They knew that this child was a gift from God, but it was when he reached adulthood that they knew that the boy God had entrusted to their care was going to be instrumental in setting their path and be such a blessing for this community. This son, who has the mental capacity of a two-year-old, is part of something much bigger than David and Connie. He is the seed God used to help other families like the Prices. Because of the direction their lives have taken, Will has a larger family now. Inspiration Village began in the hearts of this remarkable couple. They recognized that many other parents with intellectually-disabled adult children need help. These parents, whose adolescent or adult kids are intellectually disabled or have conditions such as autism, downs syndrome or traumatic head injuries resulting from strokes or accidents need someone who understands their unique circumstance. In 2005 David & Connie chose to work to provide that help. That's when Inspiration Village, a place that enables the disabled to learn, work and grow emotionally, socially and spiritually in a safe, protective environment with their peers, was born. It took a year to get their nonprofit status, and clearing the land took them much longer. It has grown since its humble beginnings, to where they have 25 program participants who spend five days a week there from 9 AM to 3 PM. For only $20 a day they get transported to visit their friends, learn job and life skills, enjoy recreation, and become as independent as their physical, mental and behavioral disabilities will allow. Neither of the Prices receive income from Inspiration Village. In fact, they offer more than just time to the program. They give their own resources to bring this vision to fruition. They purchased 90 acres where they work diligently to run this day program and work even harder to provide housing for those who will eventually live on the property. Former Trinity Hospital nurse, Donna Partridge, who has known the Prices for years says, "David & Connie are both very generous, caring people, who give back to the community and go above and beyond the call. They are called out to help with natural disasters and help others outside and inside our community." Since the hospital closed, Connie will be taking on a new task through Inspiration Village as liaison between the service providers and the family of mentally challenged adults. David has partnered with Dr. Robert Woodrome to open a new clinic on September 1, across from the Post Office. While nobody was prepared for the hospital to close, it appears that this may be a real case of turning lemons into lemonade.


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