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Program offers energy assistance for Trinity Co.
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Energy bills may be an enormous burden for elderly, disabled or the working poor. Some families may qualify for assistance through federal LIHEAP funding. Greater East Texas Community Action Program administers the program in Trinity County and now has multiple ways to apply for assistance. Eligibility is based on household income and circumstances. Greater East Texas Community Action Program is pleased to share that individuals may now obtain the application from their website at www.get-cap.org. A face-to-face interview is not required if the individual will provide a copy of the required information and mail the application in. According to Program Director Teresa Land, "Many people struggle to come for an appointment. When the information is mailed in that individual is contacted by telephone and the case can often be completed without ever seeing the person face to face. The assistance is the same." Individuals who need a faceto- face appointment or have threat of disconnect should call 800-621-5746. The local office days and hours vary depending on need. Karen Swenson, Executive Director explained "we have experienced a lot of federal funding uncertainty but fortunately the 2017 energy assistance funding is still available. We want to help as many families as possible who qualify this year. It is better to apply now before the heat wave months arrive as more than one month of assistance could be available." Targeted groups include lowincome elderly, disabled, and families with young children. For more information visit the website at www.get-cap.org or call 800-621-5746. Certain days there may be a high call volume so multiple attempts may be needed. GETCAP programs are available to all regardless of race, color, creed, or national origin.


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