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Community turns Facebook page into platform for charity, togetherness
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It would not be unsafe to say that most residents of Trinity are aware of, familiar with, or make frequent use of the popular "What's Happening in and around Trinity County" Facebook page. Since its creation in November of 2013, the page has become a wellknown spot for locals to post community-related questions, express their concerns, and share information regarding the happenings and events of Trinity. According to page creator and moderator, Sheran Casey, the page became unexpectedly popular, and currently hosts almost 3,500 members. More so than its popularity, however, was the surprising way that the community has transformed the page into a valuable asset for charity, outreach, and togetherness. Casey began the page three years ago merely as a way for the community to better coordinate on local events and to prevent scheduling conflicts. From there, the page grew and the community began to make increasingly efficient use of it. The page became a vital platform for informing the public on upcoming benefits, such as those related to the recent passing of seven year-old Journey Magness. "When I post a problem on here," Casey said, "people immediately start jumping in to help. I see such love and caring coming from the people in and around this county." Organized efforts to improve, nourish, and heal the community have found a steady home at "What's Happening in and around Trinity County", but Casey notes that individuals are also welcome to seek help. According to Casey, it is not uncommon for her to receive private messages requesting an anonymous post for assistance, particularly now that it is the Christmas season. These requests are welcome, Casey said, and that any people in need who reach out will have their privacy respected, should that be of importance to them. In the midst of all this popularity and candid nature, "What's Happening in and around Trinity County" has somehow still managed to maintain a relatively positive atmosphere, particularly for an online community. As moderator, Casey has stringently, sometimes controversially weeded out posters who display aggressive, rude, or vulgar behavior. "I love and appreciate the people in and around this county," said Casey. "They have given me a renewed faith in people. It is them, and not me, that has made a difference in the lives of so many people. I think that a group like this could work anywhere, if someone is willing to devote a whole lot of time to it, and as long as they refused to let people break the rules. It is a lot of work, and they have to develop a thick skin, but in the long run, it is worth it."


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