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The Impact Center burglarized


By Megan Whitworth

The Community and Children's Impact Center's new location, 1020 N. Byrd in Shepherd was burglarized. Last week Impact founder Brenda Myers was mowing the grass when she noticed a tray in the yard with merchandize on it. She found it odd; she came inside the building and that's when she noticed "everything was out of displacement." "I started to notice the big items being gone, like the turkey roasters," Myers said. "We have three or four brand new turkey roasters, lots of pots and pans, like the tools and different things like that. Most of this stuff was in brand new packaging; so we can identify it really, really easy. "But they were in here for some time," she continued. "They had to take some of our old clothes bags; they filled boxes full of it and placed it back on the counters so we wouldn't know the time limit they had taken to get all of this stuff out of here." The burglars broke through the back door by cutting the chain, Myers said. She estimates the brake-in happened three weeks ago. She found several items with finger prints, plus an identifiable linen bag was found. Police are currently monitoring the building closely throughout the late evenings and nights, Myers said. "It's very sad when criminals feel no threat to break into a location next door to the courthouse, constable and commissioner's office," Myers said. "It is really, really sad that as much as we help people in this community, all you have to do is ask me or anybody on my team, we'll give you the shirts off our backs. But for somebody to come in here, and just rid of us all things that help us pay electricity bills and water bills," she added. "It's just devastating." The grand opening for the new location was also postponed while paperwork is getting finished on the foreclosure of the building and completion of renovations. Myers said she is hoping to have the grand opening on Oct. 14. She also added that she is looking for contractors who "would be willing to have a tax write-off. "Any concrete guys, anyone who can put boards on the walls – measure, cut, hang it up. Framing the doors are needed" Myers said. "Little things are delaying us." After Myers posted about the burglary on Facebook, she said she had friends reach out to her who donated a video security system to help protect the building. "Even though it's devastating, what makes me so proud is to know I have compassionate people in this community that comes to us whenever we are in need of something like this," Myers said. "So by them responding to us, we're able to respond to people who need us. So it kind of goes full circle." For those who may know information about the burglary, call 936-499-2632.


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