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"Greater" to be shown at movie night, Feb. 24


"Greater" is a true story about Brandon Burlsworth, a walk-on to the University of Arkansas Razorback football team, and the effect his faith had on others. Now that one sentence would be enough to describe the film, except there is a wealth of information about how the actors were chosen, the history of "I'll Fly Away" and its songwriter Albert Brumley, to make this movie even more interesting. Three articles are available: "Albert Brumley's Memory Valley", "I'll Fly Away in Greater Role", and "Greater Inspiration - Interview with David Hunter (Director)." Early in the movie the hymn "I"ll Fly Away," which is written by Albert Brumley, is heard in several arrangements. "I'll Fly Away" has been recorded thousands of times and translated in different languages, including Spanish and Japanese. Albert Brumley's son, Bob, answers the question of why it is so popular in this way. "it is so endearing because it was simple, but had a great message. It's a three-chord song, Bob explained, using only G, C, and D chords. It's easy to remember, easy to sing, and has a rousing message. Dad always said, 'Keep it simple.'" Neosho, Missouri newspaper offers this insight: "In the years of the depression and the struggles of the country before World War II, the new-fangled invention, radio, carried Brumley's songs across the country. "Turn Your Radio On," "I'll Meet You in the Morning," "Jesus, Hold My Hand" – these were the songs that America listened to, sang, and looked to for inspiration. Few song writers did more toward helping America retain her hope and heart than did Albert Brumley. There's no wondering why his popularity has endured." Coldspring United Methodist Church is pleased to present this inspiring movie on Friday, Feb. 24, 6:30 p.m. For their service project, Boy Scouts will be serving refreshments for a small donation. To assist with the ministry of Care Share, please bring canned goods and peanut butter and grape jelly to be distributed to those in need in the community.


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