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Groveton City Council meets Monday


The Groveton City Council meeting was held Monday May 20th. The oath of office was administered by Judge Angelia Evans to Mayor Byron Richards, and Council Members Glen D. Ward, Sr. and Tommy Walton for a two year terms. Chief Raiford submitted his report for 4-1-13 to 4-30-13. He stated it was a busy month. The seized house on Devine Street will be auctioned off on Sat. June 15, 2013 at 3:00pm. The Night Out for the Community will be Tuesday October 1, 2013 and the Police Chief was open for suggestions from Council. Council approved Kent Blanchard as a reserve officer for the city. L. T. Birdwell submitted his report for Severn Trent in the amount of $4,839.77. He stated that the city needs to consider putting out a chemical for the sludge in the ponds at the Sewer Plant. Council approved this purchase. Mr. Lan Ngoc Nguyen was presented for the meeting regarding the mobile home behind his store, One Stop. It is placed in the alleyway owned by the city. Council approved the mobile home to stay there and not to interfere with any utilities in the alleyway. Phil Hathorn stated that he had purchased a building next to the police dept. The building was inspected and there were several request made by Mr. Hathorn for the city's consideration. Judge Angelia Evans was re-appointed for City Judge. Council approved a resolution for a request of Entergy to modify its interruptible service rate schedule should be denied. Council approved the outside of City Hall to be re-painted. On a Pro-Star Service contract, the Council approved a contract with Pro-Star starting June 1, 2013 to roll the current rate back to rates of 2012 and hold this rate for two years. After 2013 the next three years Pro-Star will receive a flat 3% annual increase.


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