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Gov. Perry Signs "Merry Christmas" Bill Into Law


June 13, 2013 HB 308, the "Merry Christmas" Bill, was signed into law by Governor Rick Perry at a special ceremony at the Texas Capitol. The bill, which was authored by Rep. Dwayne Bohac and was carried in the Senate by Sen. Robert Nichols, received overwhelming bi-partisan support in both the Texas House and Texas Senate. Designed to counter the growing War on Christmas, the bill makes clear that public school students and staff can legally teach and discuss Christmas. Christmas has been recognized as a federal holiday by the United States since the 1870s. Texas school districts have seen long and costly court cases over Christmas expressions in Plano and Katy, and Fort Worth was recently involved in a controversy over Santa Claus at a public school. Landmark U.S. Supreme Court cases have made it clear that such expressions and displays are permis-sible. It is time to end the war on Christmas. This com-mon sense legislation tracks Supreme Court precedent, providing a solid roadmap for public school officials to follow and should help school districts respect First Amendment rights and avoid costly litigation. Texas Values was proud to provide the main legal guidance and support for the legislation and to be a part of the bill signing ceremony. Join our ongoing efforts to protect religious freedom in Texas. Please consider making a contribution to Texas Values before June 30 to help us end our first fiscal year strong.


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