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Hurricane Harvey makes landfall in Texas


By Chris Edwards

The name Harvey used to bring about the idea of Jimmy Stewart's invisible, six-foottall rabbit friend, but the events of last weekend have certainly erased that association, especially for Texans. Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas on Friday evening near Rockport. It was the first Catergory 4 hurricane to make landfall in the state since 1961 when Hurricane Carla ravaged the coast. As Harvey dwindled into a tropical storm, the heavy rains continued, and as of this writing, nine trillion gallons of water have been dumped over southeast Texas. The images of the catastrophic flooding throughout the Houston area have been a constant on the radar screen that is national news media. As predicted intially, it wasn't so much the potential damage from Harvey's winds, but the rain, that was the primary concern. Heavy rains are all that have been reported, for the most part, in Trinity County, and the rain is expected to last throughout the week. On Monday afternoon, in a meeting of the Trinity County Commissioners' Court, County Judge Doug Page issued a mandatory evacuation order for the Sportsman Oak subdivision. Social media has been an effective constant at alerting the public to developments during this disaster, as well as allowing people the means to touch base with loved ones in areas hit hardest by Harvey. A video post on Facebook from Trinity County Sheriff Woody Wallace reported that boats were being brought into Sportsman Oak to assist with the mandatory evacuation. Wallace also posted a video to let people know that he and Chief Deputy Tommy Park had visited every house in the subdivision to let the people know of the evacuation order. "A lot of people chose to say," Wallace said in the video. "We've gotten the people out who wanted to leave." Wallace added "If anyone knows of anyone we might have missed, we'll try to get back to help if we can." In the video, the rising water is up to the fenders of the TCSO patrol vehicles, and Wallace said that they told residents in the subdivision that if the weather worsens overnight, TCSO personnel will probably not be coming back. The TCSO office said in an alert posted on its Facebook page that they are monitoring the weather conditions closely, and will update with information as soon as they can. It also stated that people should only call 911 for emergencies. The Trinity County Sheriff 's Office nonemergency number is 936- 642-1424. At press time, all Trinity County schools have been closed at least until Wednesday, August 30.


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