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Cancer support group meets weekly in Crockett


Cancer may occur any place in the body. It begins when cells grow out of control and crowd out normal cells which makes it hard for the body to work as it should. There are many types of cancer; it is not just one disease. Cancer can begin in the lungs, the breast, the colon, or the blood. A diagnosis of cancer can throw one's life out of balance. It can change one's work life, self-esteem, relationships, daily routines, dreams and future plans. It can also trigger a wide range of emotions, including fear and confusion. Many survivors report that in the beginning, it is difficult to think about anything but one's diagnosis, however, talking with others helps one deal with the emotions associated with the disease. The benefits of attending and being part of a support group are undeniable. Many studies have been done that verify the benefits in helping members deal with the realities of having cancer and understanding the emotional aspects of the disease. The Houston County Cancer Support Group meets weekly on Wednesday at noon, at Crockett Resource Center for Independent Living (CRCIL). CRCIL is located at 1020 Loop 304 East in Crockett, Texas. This support group meeting is open to all individuals with cancer, their family members, or caregivers. For more information, contact Debbie Oliver at CRCIL, 936-544-2811.


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