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Power outage makes for memorable homecoming celebration at Centerville


Crowning the homecoming queen is an occasion that most Centerville students look forward to every year. It happens after a weeklong chain of events that culminate just before the homecoming games begin. It is that one, special moment in time for each of the queen candidates. However, this year the experience was made even more memorable due to an electrical outage. For the first time in Centerville's history, the crowning was jeopardized. It was determined that even though the games had to be canceled, the crowning of a queen could not and would not be canceled. Due to the efforts and determination of the administration, families, friends and countless others, Centerville would not be robbed of this special occasion. Therefore, it was decided to hold the ceremony outdoors in front of the school. The 2017 candidates for homecoming queen, senior; Savannah Westbrook escorted by her friend Logan Bentley, junior; Allison Carlton escorted by her brother Corey Carlton; and freshman, Erin Sciullo escorted by her friend Logan Villanueva all agreed they were up for the challenge and the ritual proceeded. With great anticipation, it was announced that Savannah Westbrook was voted to serve as Centerville's 2017 Homecoming Queen. Congratulations to Savannah Westbrook, a very special young lady. Due to "Bulldog Family" and "Bulldog Pride", this year's crowning of the homecoming queen will go down in Centerville's history as the most memorable.


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