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Landowner brings dumping issue before commissioners


By Lew Vail

GROVETON – County Judge Doug Page opened last Tuesday's Commisioner's Court meeting by recognizing all those who were veterans in the audience for the previous Saturday's Veterans Day celebration. During open forum, Lloyd Dean Mangum asked the court to help settle a road closure issue. He has owned land for many years which sits inside a large forest tract of land. The road in was shown as a county road when he purchased it, over the years a surrounding area became a dumpsite and was cleaned up and a gate placed to keep dumpers out. While the logging company has furnished the combination to the locked gate, Mangum feels that could change at any time and asked for a more permanent solution. Commissioner "Tiger" Worsham said he was familiar with the situation. Mangum asked for council to issue a declaratory easement for he and another land owner but County Attorney Joe Bell said he would have to research that sort of issue. Judge Page asked a representative of the logging company if he felt they could work the matter out, and it was left to all parties to study remedies. Commissioners discussed a payment for a pauper's funeral. Precinct 3 Commissioner Neal Smith said the request form did not have sufficient information for the court to make informed decisions. Judge Page said he had contacted the next of kin and added a granddaughter's name to the document. The person was a patient at Trinity Nursing Home when she died. Smith said information should show if they had property or other assets or future requests; and the funeral home should not be the requester. Commissioners voted to pay for this cremation. Auditor Bonnie Kennedy said there were no new bond requests, however the previous one want through since she received a request for payment. There were no personnel action forms and there was no report from the Sheriff's department. Judge Page has received bids for the painting of the trim on the courthouse. Commissioners will select a contractor at the next meeting; funds for the painting will come from the courthouse restoration fund. Mark Durand, Executive Director of the Work Force Solutions Deep East Texas sent a letter request the court to re-appoint Tyane Dietz to the workforce board. Her current term expires December 31, she represents the private sector industry for Trinity County. Commissioners voted to nominate her for another three-year term. Commissioners discussed a memorandum of understanding between Trinity County and the USDA, Forest Service National Forests and Grasslands in Texas Davy Crockett National Forest, for the placement of a radio antenna and necessary equipment in the Trinity County radio communications tower. All necessary modifications and additions for this work will be at the expense of the USDA. They will place their antenna a minimum for 20 feet below the current Trinity antenna, so as not to interfere with radio operations. Trinity County will not charge for the antenna, the electric bill for the tower will be transferred to the USDA. Trinity County has 1,883 votes for the board of director positions on the Trinity County Appraisal District, Judge Page suggested council plan to vote at the next meeting, November 28; the votes are due back no later than December 15. County Elections Administrator Pricilla Rasbeary reviewed the recent general election for state amendments; which showed a lack of voters and that all amendments, which all passed in Trinity County. Commissioner questioned why there was not a voting place in each precinct; the answer was that 'someone' said three would be sufficient. County Attorney Joe Bell suggested that in future elections this issue should be checked to assure validity, before the event. The commissioners approved the canvass of the results. The vote on the amendments was only 385 persons voting, including absentee and early ballots, less on several issues. County Auditor Kennedy said the Revised County Employee Policy and Procedures Handbook is complete, Attorney Bell asked to have one final review by legal and the Judge said they would vote on it at the first meeting in January. Commissioners tables action. How to divide the 2015 CDGB-DR Funds, and select the, grant proposal decisions and funds was discussed with all four precincts having roads or some other covered project in mind. A decision to list all projects on a board, at the next meeting and to select which had the best chance to be funded and which would be of the most benefit to the County and then make a decision. Commissioners set November 28 for a Public Hearing for the purpose of changing the name of Charles Street in Trinity Forest to Charles Drive, since there is a Charles Street in Trinity proper. With no further business, the court adjourned at 11 a.m.


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