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County population grows by 2%


LIVINGSTON – After experiencing explosive growth following the completion of Lake Livingston in the early 1970s, Polk County is recording only modest population increases since the 2010 national census count. According to estimates released by the U.S. Census Bureau, the county's population on July 1, 2016 was listed at 47,916, which was up by 932 people or almost 2 percent from the July 1, 2015, estimate of 46,984. When compared to the 2010 Census total of 45,413, the latest Census Bureau projection is up by 2,503 people or 5.5 percent. With the next census count set in 2020, Polk County is now on pace to record about an 8 to 9 percent growth during the current decade. This is contrasted by the 68.8 percent growth between the 1970 and 1980 census counts when Polk County's population jumped from 14,457 up to 24,407. The major driving force behind that growth was the completion of Lake Livingston and the number of housing developments that sprang up on and near its shores. During the next three decennial census counts, the growth remained in double digits, although not quite as high as occurred in the 1970s. During the 1980s, the county posted a 25.7 percent climb while in the 1990s the numbers jumped by 34.1 percent before they began leveling off during the 2000s when only a 10.4 percent population growth was recorded. While the census bureau only conducts a national count every 10 years, they issue national, state and county estimates each year as to what they believe the population was on July 1 of the preceding year. In the latest estimates, the Census Bureau said all of Polk County's growth during the year leading up to July 1, 2016 could be attributed to people moving here as opposed to being born here. Between the 2015 and 2016 estimates, they said there were 517 births and 669 deaths for a "natural increase" of -152. The total number of people moving to the county was listed at 1,046 during the year, including 91 from outside the U.S. and 955 from other parts of the state and nation. Since the 2010 census count, they listed 3,146 births in the county which were more than offset by 3,912 deaths, leaving a natural increase of -766. During that period, the Census Bureau estimated 507 people have moved to the county from locations outside the United States while "domestic migration" totaled 2,778 for a total gain of 3,286 people. While Polk County experienced a population growth during the year, some of the counties in the region were recording a decline in their number, according to the 2016 estimates. Among the surrounding counties which posted gains since the 2010 census count were San Jacinto, Angelina, Liberty and Hardin. San Jacinto County's 2016 estimate of 27,707 was up by 394 (1.4%) from 2015 and 1,323 (5.0%) since the 2010 census; Angelina County's estimate of 87,791 was down by 147 (-0.2%) from the previous year and up 1,020 (1.2%) from 2010; Liberty County's 2016 projection of 81,704 was up by 2,008 (2.5%) from 2015 and 6,061 (8.0%) from 2010; and Hardin County's latest estimate of 56,322 was up by 518 (0.9%) from 2015 and 1,687 (3.1%) from the last census. Adjoining counties which posted population losses since the 2010 census included Trinity and Tyler. Trinity County's 2016 estimate of 14,442 was up by 21 people (0.1%) from the previous estimate but down by 143 (-0.1%) from 2010. Tyler County's latest estimate of 21,320 was up by 46 (0.2%) from the previous year and down by 446 (-2.0%) from the 2010 census count. The latest estimate for Texas lists a population of 27,862,596, which is up by 393,482 (1.4%) from the 2015 projections and more than 2.7 million (10.8%) from the 2010 census. The 2016 population estimate for the U.S. was listed at 323,127,513. This is up by 1.7 million (0.5%) from the 2015 figure and almost 14.4 million (4.7%) from the 2010 census.


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