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Goodrich prepares for May election


Enterprise staff

GOODRICH -- April's meeting of the Goodrich City Council saw appointments to the May election, a presentation for 811, and approval a donation for public transportation Thursday. Mayor Pro-Tem Kelly Nelson oversaw the meeting, taking over for ousted Mayor Jeremy Harper. "I think our regular session went really well," Nelson said. "I am glad that a lot of the community came out and got to see how we do things." Council appointed Ronna Duke as election judge and Carol Stephens as election clerk. Lester Arnold, David Fisk and Cindy Meyer will serve as the ballot board for the upcoming May election. A joint election agreement with Goodrich Independent School District was also approved. A presentation by Joshua Rungee of LoneStar811 gave a brief description of what the service company offers. For 50 cents per report, LoneStar811 offers a notification service when someone is digging next to an area of concern for the city. Totals for 2015 were $127, though notifications have increased around eight percent statewide. Also offered is a management system for tickets, pictures, notes and contractors. During January's meeting, the council agreed in principle on an item discussing action against companies or individuals who dig without calling 8-1- 1 or the city prior to write an ordinance on the matter. Digging in the city became a problem in early December, when a main waterline was hit and much of Goodrich was without water for hours. The high school, hosting a basketball tournament of 16 teams, was also without water, requiring school officials to have outdoor facilities delivered. A few other instances have also been cited by city officials. Ordinance 54 includes that anyone or any business who digs without clearance and interrupts city facilities will be fined up to $2,000 and will pay the cost of any repairs or cost to the city. The ordinance finally passed in February's meeting. With an approved donation of $210, Brazos Transit will continue to bring public transportation to Polk County and Goodrich. Base rock material for the sewer plant road and fenced area at the plant to repair potholes will occur as well. Two loads — one to Pennington Road and one to the sewer plant — will be purchased for a total of $450.


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