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Livingston finances in good shape


LIVINGSTON -- The Livingston City Council met Tuesday to review the city's annual financial report and approve items for the May 6 General Election. CPAs Steve Palmerton and Kevin Bienvenu were present to give the year's comprehensive annual financial report for the fiscal year that ended in September. The city had its net position increase to $39,456,504 in 2016 from $32,995,999 in 2015. for a difference of about $6.46 million. "From an operating standpoint, it was a very good year for the city," Palmerton said. "The city continues to be progressive and operate efficiently. It is in very good financial position." Council approved items pertaining to the May 6 General Election to elect three councilmembers, an agreement to use countyowned equipment and services, and establish a presiding judge. The three members' seats up for election this year are Judy Cochran, Elgin Davis and Dr. Ray Luna. Martha Johnson was approved as election judge. City Manager Report Jackson Street Elevated Storage Tank Renovation Project - eight bids were received on the project to renovate the exterior and interior of the 500,000 gallon elevated water storage tank located north of City Hall on Jackson Street, with the bid awarded to Gulf States Protective Coatings, Inc. in amount of $290,700. Ogden's Country Jubilee will hold its eighth show in the Polk County Commerce Center Feb. 25. Construction work in progress: CHI Hospital - A new state-of-the-art emergency room facility at the hospital, at an estimated cost of $6 million includes a total of 37 ED stations, three trauma rooms, three fasttrack rooms and six resultswaiting stations. Building permit has been issued with construction underway this week. Center of Hope - Old Big Star building on South Washington is being renovated to be the new Mission Center which has been located at the corner of Garner Street and North Washington. The office spaces on the south side of the building are complete and the Certificate of Occupancy has been issued for this portion of the building only. Postel Industries - Postel Industries is planning to reopen and expand the facility located on South Washington. They recently purchased several residential properties on High Street and demolished the residences on the street for use as a future parking area for the facility. Work is proceeding on the foundation for the new construction. Pending projects in development: Church's Chicken - The building contractor for the demolition and new construction of the Church's Chicken restaurant located on North Washington has advised that demolition will begin in June with a new restaurant to be constructed immediately upon completion of the demolition. Livingston Town Center - Work has begun by the developer on the 10-acre tract of land located on US 190 West for infrastructure for a commercial development project. Construction of new water lines, sewer lines and a lift station that will tie into the city's utilities is underway, but has been slowed by recent inclement weather. Best Gas Convenience Store - Construction has begun on the 6,000-square foot gas station/convenience store/restaurant to be built on US 190 East of Second Street. Discount Tire Store - City staff have received building plans for the new store to be located on US 190 West in Livingston Town Center with plan revisions underway by the company. The Grease Monkey - Representatives from the company have contacted city development staff and indicated that this project will move forward shortly, however, the city has not received plans for the project. Larry Potter Property - Clearing and site work is underway on a tract of land. located south of the Relax Inn on the US 59 bypass south. The owner has indicated that this is a potential site for a retail strip center, however, there are no specific plans at this time. Polk County Senior Citizen Project -A preliminary meeting has been held with county officials concerning the new project to be constructed on East Church Street at Abbey Street. First Baptist Church -A pre-development meeting was held on Thursday, Jan. 5. to review plans for a new building on the FBC campus at SH 146 and US 59. Southpoint Duplex Project -Development of a plat for City Council consideration is nearing completion for additional residential units in the Southpoint Shopping Center area. Hartz Fried Chicken/ Convenience Store- Plans have been submitted for review by the City for the renovation of the old Western Auto building in the Main Street district on Church Street. Code enforcement activities: Over the past 30 days, our Community Development Coordinator has been contacted by several owners expressing plans to tear down and/or renovate several dilapidated residences. The owners of the Royal Inn were on the property last week and advised that they have taken the motel off the market and plan to renovate the building. They are going to put on a new roof and front canopy as part of their renovation plans. The city will monitor the progress and take action if they do not proceed with the renovation in a timely manner to see what action the city needs to take to remove the abandoned property. The city has received many positive comments about the new garage sale ordinance, which was adopted by the city council in December. Residents are already calling for permit applications.


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